Monday, July 21, 2014

Time for a new skin and a new outfit

Hello Readers!
OK I admit my blog titles are not really catching or funny but it is always very difficult for me to think up a blog title. Usually there is so much on my blog that you cannot catch it in one phrase. Like today: I found a few great new skins. I found pants and tops, and I found cute dresses. Most is free....but not all.
If you know a good blog title for me please let me know!!!
So let me start with the newest skin by WOW skins. WoW skins has a group which is 350 L$ to join. That seems a lot, but you get a free skin each month and you get the chance to click their 18 (yes you read that right) Lucky boards and their 2 Midnight Mania boards with skins, make up or eyes. Or even complete avatars. And after joining you can pick up a box with all previous group gifts, so those 350 L$ are well spend.
Anyway, this beautiful STAR skin (tan) is the July group gift by WoW skins.
Now if you do not like to join, but you do like those perfect WoW skins, why don't you hop over to the OMG room and take a look at Renata. This skin comes in 3 skin tones each skin tone is just 99 L$. Is that a great deal or what??
I am wearing this lovely Renata skin on my blog today and I went on a long shopping spree on Marketplace. First thing I found was a pack of jeans by Larry Jeans. They come with Phat azz and WohMeh appliers and you get 2 colours (blue and gold) and a ripped blue pair of jeans for 1 L$. Now that was a good find but now I needed tops. Can't just wear jeans can you? So I found these awesome tops by Addams. They were free. But after I told the designer that I was going to blog them the price changed to 10 L$. NOT nice. I wrote a really bad review, and the designer reacted to it and put the price back to 0 L$ for a limited time. The tops are nice and you get a hud with them to change them in any colour you like. So if you want them, go get them fast because in a few days they will be 10 L$. I truly appreciate what the designer did. So if you get the tops and you like them, leave a nice review ladies, the tops are worth it.
The cute shoes are by BabyMonkey and they are called Olwen. They are for SLINK high feet and they are 400 L$ but you get a fat pack with all thinkable colours!
Then I found another great top and this one is by Cysleek Designs. This lovely cherry blossom top is free. The jeans are the Larry jeans, the ripped version(blogged above).
And if you like something fun, go grab the tops by [MIKA]. They are fun to wear and they are free. You get 4 different ones. The jeans are again the Larry jeans in gold.
Well I love pants, and tops too...and guess what? This cute set of a cropped top by Imagine comes with a super mini pair of hotpants and it is totally free. Of course you can wear the tops with the jeans above too!
Over to some dresses. I just love dresses. Do I hear you say: yes we knew that already? Well these are just perfect for summer. This first dress is a bikini with a dress overlay, so you can wear it on the beach as a bikini and later as a dress. This lovely Peacock dress is by FL and it is free.
And my last dress is by Imagine. This dress is called Ines and it is a fun summer dress in pink. Perfect for the hot days.