Sunday, July 6, 2014

Last day of the Summer Fashion Festival and a new Grab-a-B!asta

Hello Readers,
Welcome to my bog today. Today is the last day you can hop over to the Summer Fashion Festival on the ArisAris sim. This fair closes end of the day. There are many great designers participating in this fair and they all have a cute beach cottage with offers. In these cottages you will also find an ice cream cone. These cones are not hidden, you can easy locate them. Each cone is either 0 L$ or 1 L$ and inside you can find awesome gifts!
But let me start with the new Grab-a-B!asta by B!asta. Each Wednesday there is a new Grab-a-B!asta at their store for one week only. You can buy it for 50 L$ and this week it is the fun Sweetheart Polkadots dress. You can grab this B!asta till Wednesdag July 9th.
And to go with this dress you could decide to try your luck on one of the many Gatcha's you can find at the Summer of Love Fair. This fair runs till July 22nd. You can find many Gatchas there...and I just went for the ones by Essenz. Their shoes are amazing and on this fair you can try your luck for just 75 L$ per try. I got the Detroit sandals for SLINK high feet (675 L$ per pair of feet). Gatcha's are transfer, so if you got doubles you can swap with others or just give them to your friends.
Back to the Summer Fashion Festival. All items below are found on this fair and they are found inside the ice cream cones. I will give you the names of the designers so you can do an area search to find the right cottage. Remember this fair closes TODAY!!
This first dress is by Poison.
This cute clutch by Glam Dreams will go great withthis dress.
And this next cute dress is by OrsiniSun.
And this dress with Raprure printed in large letters on it is guessed it: by Rapture.
I also found this very cute red dress which is by DeVaux design. And the tote bag is by TIL. The cute colour change summer hats are by RiR Life. Perfect for a day on the beach!
And if you like a new skin, find the cottage by Style by Kira. They have this beautiful skin for you hidden inside the ice cream cone.
I was talking about the beach...the next outfits are all great for a warm summer day. This first cut off shorts & top outfit is by Pink Fusion.
The cute beach bag I am wearing with this outfit is by Candy metal.
And this last find is by Faboo and you get this awesome peace bikini if you buy the ice cream cone.