Sunday, September 4, 2022

1000 L$ store credit and on top of that MANY FREE gifts?

 Happy Sunday Readers!
1000 L$ store credit and then free gifts on top of that?
Fake Society and Off-Line both give you 500 L$ store credit.
Both groups Fake Society and Off-Line are FREE to join for the time being.
The stores are next to each other and they have also MANY group gifts you can scoop.
Curious what you can get?
Keep reading!!

* I am wearing the Lelutka Avalon head on this blog post.
And with this head I am wearing a skin by Alexandrite  called Simone in the Rose Kiss tone which was a 75 L$ offer for The Saturday Sale.
There are two new offers this week called Katerin and Sasha.

* The beautiful eyes are by No Shirt Sherlock. They are called Vermeer eyes, single colours are 99 L$ - a fat pack with 14 colours is 320 L$ on Marketplace.
They come with a HUD that changes the size of the eyes and it helps you to move the eyes if needed.
There is one pair of eyes by No Shirt Sherlock on Marketplace for free (amethyst colour).
* Let me start with this awesome Ripped Off set and Full Heat glasses.
Both are group gifts at Off-Line.
The Ripped off bikini fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Legacy and you get no less than 9 options!
The sunglasses fit everybody :)

* The Chained necklace is another gift and this one is by Fake Society.

* The LD Tattoo gift is just 1 L$ on Marketplace and you get an Omega applier. also BOM layers for Maitreya, Belleza, Signature and Legacy.

* The Yvonne hair is by Sintiklia and it was one of their 60 L$ offers last week, now the hair is back to the original price, 300 L$ per hair tone.
This hair comes in 4 styles and a cap is included.
There are new 60 L$ offers each week.
* And this sunny and fun E-Girl dress is another gift you can find at 
Fake Society.
This dress fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Legacy.
You get 9 colours to choose from.

* The lovely Aria hair is a group gift at D!VA and joining the group is FREE.

* The Shop your Heart out necklace is one of the group gifts you can find at RealEvil Industries. so is the VIX watch The RealEvil Industries group is FREE to join.
* For a way different look you could get this sexy Vany dress which is again a  group gift at Fake Society.
This dress fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Legacy and you get no less than 14 colour options.

* The sweet  Tim Yung Telephone bag is yet another gift you can find at Fake Society.
You get 13 colours to choose from.

* The Color block glasses are another gift at  Off-Line
They come iwith a HUD which gives you 8 colour options.

* The fun 80th Heart earrings are a GIFT at the FLF Birthday Bash (which ended on September 2nd, but it is still there. No idea for how long though).
* The elegant Kali hair is by Kuni and it is their TSS offer this last week, which means you can buy the hair for 75 L$ and the Styling HUD also for 75 L$.
You get a fat pack of this lovely hair.

* The Kitsch me Spring Bangles are by Kitsch me and they are 1 L$ on Marketplace.
They are modify and you can adjust the colour in edit.
* I am so smitten by this outfit. The Miley dress and the Pomme hair go so well together!
The Miley dress is another group gift at Fake Society.
It fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Legacy and you get 10 colours to choose from.

* The Pomme hair with cap was a 60 L$ weekend offer at Wasabi, it is now back to 195 L$.
However there are 2 new styles on offer for just 60 L$ this week.