Friday, August 13, 2021

Men Only Hunting on Friday 13th.

 Happy Friday the 13th Readers!
Today on my blog GIFTS you can find in the Men Only Hunt.
This hunt is really for guys, so today i - Skyler will be your man to show the gifts.
You can find INFO about this hunt HERE.
You need to get the free HUD which will guide you to the stores and also gives you hints where to find the gifts.
ALL gifts are FREE.

* I am wearing the Skyler EVO head by Lelutka.

* I am wearing Gianni by Signature
Both the head and the body are quite expensive.
If you like a less expensive head & body you can look under the FREE AND CHEAP MESH BODIES 7 HEADS tab on top of this post.

* The Toni skin I am wearing were a GIFT at the Man Cave event by Dopelit.
It applies on the head only and it's a BoM skin on Tone #3.
Event closed.

* The eyes are by NSS, their Vermeer eyes, 320 L$ for a fat pack with 14 colours or 99 L$ per eye colour.
* Let me start by telling you you are looking for a yellow bird in this hunt.
Some stores made it very small or hid it well. In other stores you will hardly have to search.
I went to Ascend and got this great Reed cardigan with shirt and tie there. It was hidden in the yellow bird and it fits Gianni, Jake, Legacy. Legacy Athletic.
It comes with a colour change HUD for the tie and shirt, which gives you 5 options for the shirt and 6 for the tie.
Extra hint: Yellow on yellow is hard to find.

* The grey jeans are a gift in this hunt by Cheerno and they fit Enzo, Gianni, Jake and Legacy.

* The Gary hair is yours if you can find the bird at VoltHair.
You get a fat pack of this hair in al hair tones and hair bases are included too.

* The Incurable lips are by Fewness and you get a huge of colours. They are made for Lelutka EVO and EVO X. You also get a choice of bruises and eyes.
IF you can find that bird!

* Last one: The great Boat shoes are by ROC and you can find a fat pack on Marketplace for 99 L$.
They fit Slink, TMP, Aesthetic and Belleza and they come in a rigged and unrigged version.
The included HUD gives you 12 colour options.
* I am wearing the same hair with this High Roller outfit which is the hunt gift at HOLMGANG
This set fits Aesthetic, Belleza, Legacy and Signature. 
Perfect for a morning work out.

* The Quon tattoo is by Mister Razzor and you get BoM layers in 50%, 75% and 100%.
If you can locate the hunt bird.
* The Rolled hem jeans are the gift you can find inside the bird at Gabriel.
They fit Belleza, Gianni and Legacy.

* The Prision tanks come in black & white and black & orange and they fit Geralt, Gianni, Jake and Legacy.
They are hidden in the bird at RWAY.

* The Black chain is a hunt gift at Amias. Find that bird and these necklaces in black and steel and they are made for Belleza, Legacy, Signature Gianni and hey come in a rigged and unrigged version.

* The Edge trainers are a gift by theMars and they come in one version.
Find the bird and they are yours!
There are 2 more gifts to find at this store.

* The Apache tattoos are by Vegas Tattoo and you get 3 shades of BoM layers or appliers for Altamura, Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature and Slink, and also Omega appliers.  
* The Net inner overalls are by [Gild] and they are hidden inside the hunt bird too.
They fit Gianni, Jake and Legacy and the included HUD gives you 7 colour options for the pockets.

* The Duncan sandals are the gift by Ohemo and they fit Gianni, Jake and Legacy and the included HUD gives you 5 colour/text options.
Find that bird if you like to get these shoes.

* The Heavenly Path tattoo is by Addicted to Ink.
You get 3 BoM layers or appliers for Legacy, Belleza, Miatreya, Signature or Slink. They also come as Omega appliers.

* The Austin hair is by theMars and it is hidden in one of the 3 birds you can find there.
* Last one for today is this Train tank and the Train shirt.
They are both hidden in a bird which you both can find at HIS.
The tank comes in a regular fit and loose fit and they fit Gianni, Jake, Legacy and Slink.
The shorts fit Gianni, Jake, Legacy and Slink.
You can find them at HIS (2 locations).
This store has MANY boards, all with gifts.

* The Cap is by KobZache and this cap comes with a HUD that changes the logo.

* A&D Clothing also has a great gift in this hunt: the Moon glasses. They copme with a colour change HUD too.
Find that yellow bird guys.

* Last one: the Interactive slippers are by Invictus and they are too hidden in the yellow bird at their store.
They fit Invictus, Signature, Aesthetic, Belleza and Legacy.
The HUD gives you the option to break the straps :)


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