Sunday, July 11, 2021

LAST CHANCE for the Man Cave event. And some awesome male outfits today!

 Good Morning Readers!

Skyler here again! I hope you liked my finds from the Man Cave event, which runs till July 11th, so HURRY to go grab the awesome gifts you can find there.
You will need to join their free to join group and you have to carry all the gifts home and unpack them, which is way more work than collecting them.
Good luck with that!
I also got some low priced outfits for you guys.
So keep reading!

* I am wearing the Skyler EVO head by Lelutka.

* I am wearing Gianni by Signature
Both the head and the body are quite expensive.
If you like a less expensive head & body you can look under the FREE AND CHEAP MESH BODIES 7 HEADS tab on top of this post.

* The Toni skin I am wearing is a GIFT at the Man Cave event by Dopelit.
It applies on the head only and it's a BoM skin on Tone #3.

* The eyes are by NSS, their Vermeer eyes, 320 L$ for a fat pack with 14 colours or 99 L$ per eye colour.
* I got this classic polo shirt from Erauqs at the Man Cave event (ENDS TODAY).
This shirt fits Gianni, Jake and Legacy.

* The Ryan Jogger pants are by AB and you can find them on the Man Cave event .
They fits Gianni, Jake, Legacy and Slink.

* The shades are another gift at the Man Cave event.
They are by NSS.

* The Boat shoes are by ROC and you can find a fat pack of these shoes on Marketplace for 99 L$.
They fit Belleza, Slink, TMP, Aesthetic and they fit classic avatars.
A non rigged version is included so you can adjust the shoes.
The HUD gives you 12 options.

* The Gray hair is a gift by WINGS. You get several white to black options and a styling HUD is included too.

* The GA.EG Zebra hair bases are a gift at the Man Cave event.
* This Henry Summer shirt is a 1 L$ offer at Gabriel.
I love the sale there, so many high quality pieces for just 1 L$ each!
This shirt fits Belleza and Signature.

* The Suspender denim jeans are also from that 1 L$ sale at Gabriel and these pants fit Signature and Belleza.

* The leather rolled bracelets and the silver necklace are both gifts at Gabriel (no group needed)

* The Gray hair is a gift by WINGS. You get several white to black options and a styling HUD is included too.

* The Paris Rooftop poses and background are by Sunny's studios.
* And then while walking around in Paris I met this guy in the poring rain!
Isn't he awesome? 
Well it is the same Skyler head and Gianni body and even the same Dopelit skin.
Just a different shape (which I made with help of a dear friend) and great J!nx freckle BoM layers by Kumiho. They are a free gift.

* The TZ0525 hair is by Wings. It was a 60 L$ offer, back to the regular price of 299 L$ per hair tone now.

* The Lock&Tuft hair base is no longer available.

* The Monk boots are by Ascend and they too are a gift at the Man Cave event.
They fit Gianni, Belleza, Legacy and Slink.

* Then I went to Etiquette. WOW they have really GREAT design.
I fell for their 100 L$ per pull gachas and won this Enzo leather jacket in dirty pink and the Enzo jeans in light blue. Like I said: each pull is 100 L$.
They fit Geralt, Gianni, Jake.
The jacket comes with a shirt or no shirt option and with a colour change HUD with 14 options for the shirt.
The jeans have a print or no print option.
* I just couldn't get enough from the gachas at Etiquette so I played another round.
This time for the Pierce set. I won the shirt which comes with or without tie, and the bootcut jeans.
It creates a whole new look!
Both jeans and shirt fit Jake, Geralt and Legacy.
The jeans come with suspenders and a HUD with several options for the suspenders.
The shirt comes with a HUD for the tie which gives you 10 options.
* Some days are beer days.
And on such a day I like to wear something comfortable like this beer box by Wrong which is a gift at the Man Cave event.

* Or this Off shoulder jacket by Gabriel which is from their 1 L$ sale.
This jacket fits TMP and comes in a medium and large version for other avatars.
The jacket comes with a HUD with 8 options for the shirt.

* The Suspender denim jeans are also from that 1 L$ sale at Gabriel and these pants fit Signature and Belleza.

* The Marcus shoes were a gift at  previous Man Cave event, they are on offer at the Volver store now for 229 L$ per pair including the socks.
* And some days I just like to go posh.
Wearing a three piece suit by Gabriel which is just 1 L$ at their store.
Mind me I had to adjust my Gianni shape to make it fit but it looks awesome!
The suit comes in several versions, wide stripe or small stripe and wide blocks and small blocks.
Really worth the 1 L$ (joke).

* And then I finished my phone call while watching my goldfish.
Turned around.
Had to turn back and chase the cat away as it was looking really hungry at the fish.

* Pictures are taken at Male H-i at Sunny's studios.


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