Monday, January 25, 2021

Going Casual? On my blog bargains and freebies today!

 Hi there Readers!
Today on my blog some casual outfits. Everyday wear, fun, practical, easy to wear and fit for all occasions.
They most are group gifts and all groups are free to join. 
Some are bargains which are really worth the price.
So that means free bargains shopping and looking awesome!

*I am wearing the Chelsea head which is by Logo and Maitreya Lara body.
Chelsea was a gift by Logo it's no longer available for free.
They have a LOW priced Mesh head every month now for group members. 
This month it is Ariel and the complete head with HUD is 1299 L$. The HUD however can be used with any of their heads, so if you have the HUD already you can buy this head for 300 L$ without the HUD.
The LOGO group is free to join.

* And with this head I am wearing the Waves BoM skin in pineapple by 7 Deadly s[K]ins.  
You can find this beauty in Omega appliers or Bom version at the WIP event till February 5th.

* The eye makeup I am using today is by Alaskametro and it is from their Spring Beauty Book which is 225 L$ on Marketplace.
You get 12 lip options, 12 eyeshadow options and 3 blushes.
You get a BoM layer or as Omega applier.

* The gorgeous nails are by Cazimi, they are their Summer End nails and you can find them on Marketplace for 25 L$.
They come as Omega applier and applier for Maitreya and Slink.
* This gorgeous Bluma dress is perfect for Spring. It is a group gift at Emerald Couture and the Emerald group is free to join.
This elegant dress fits Maitreya, Belleza. Slink, Voluptuous, Tonic, and Ocacin.
It comes with matching sandals (NOT shown).

* The Eve pumps are a group gift at Pure Poison. They fit Maitreya and Slink.
The group is free to join.
The beautiful Gabrielle jewelry is also a group gift at Pure Poison.

* The lovely Fixated hair is by Stealthic 
* Furtacor has a lot of previous group gifts at their store, but this is their newest one: Claudia.
Claudia fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and you get the top, the cute overalls and the shoes. The included HUD gives you 10 options for the shirt and 12 for the overalls.
The group is free to join.

* The fun Yulia hair is from the lucky chairs at Mina hair. You do not need a group for these chairs.

* The Fusion Belted bracelets are by Adria Joubert and they are FREE on Marketplace. They are unisex.
* Hilly Haalan is one of my favorite stores to shop. She has elegant timeless design and tons of group gifts (the group is free to join).
This to die for Sasha outfit is not a group gift but a bargain you can buy for just 99 L$!
You get the jeans, the knotted top, the handbag, the scarf and the matching heels. The included HUD gives you 5 options for the jeans, 8 for the shirt, and 6 for the heels, the scarf and the handbag.
You can wear the handbag low or high.
And this set fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Legacy.

* The lovely Fixated hair is by Stealthic 
* This very cute outfit is actually put together of 2 designs at Hilly Haalan
The stylish Eva tops are just 99 L$ on Marketplace. The top fits Maitreya (and petite), Belleza, Slink, [Inithium], and Kupra.
The included HUD gives you 35 options for the top and for the lace.

* The skirt is from a group gift you can find at Hilly Haalan
It is part of the Gemma gift (skirt comes with a top which is not shown here)  which fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and comes in regular mesh sizes too.
The included HUD gives you 30 options.
This set is hidden in one of the gift boxes in the GIFT part of the store.

* The Gold leaf necklace is by Bullion and you can find it on Marketplace for FREE.

* The Snow Bound - Old world bangles are by Snow Sweetwater and they are 10 L$.

* The fun Yulia hair is from the lucky chairs at Mina hair. You do not need a group for these chairs.
* This Jolanda jumpsuit is also by Hilly Haalan and it is a new release so NOT free but 199 L$.
However this jumpsuit has so many possibilities that it is worth every L$.
You can see them on the lowest picture: you can wear the suit in a short version or long. You can add all ruffles (arms, legs) and wear it with or without sleeves.
The included HUD gives you 30 options and you can colour each part separate.
This set fits Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, SLink Hourglass - Physique
Tonic Curvy - Fine, E-Body Curvy, Legacy, [ INITHIUM ] KUPRA.

* The elegant Sapphire heels are also a group gift at Hilly Haalan
They fit Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP.

* The beautiful Endzela Orida jewelry set is the new group gift for January by Luminesse.
The group is free to join and you get not only that gorgeous necklace but also matching earrings (till January 31st)

* The beautiful Bella up do is by Alli & Ali and this one is 250 L$.


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