Friday, November 27, 2020

Some BLACK FRIDAY shopping and more bargain and freebie shopping

 Hello Black Friday Readers!

Let me first tell you about a few bargains you can find on Black Friday!
* First of all LAQ has a 75% off sale on ALL their mesh heads and this sale started already!
 They are launching a new style after Black Friday but till then ALL their heads are just 375 L$!
You have to buy the HUD separate but you need just one hud for ALL heads!
The hud is 750 L$.
There is also a FREE BoM hud in case you want to use BoM.

* And Lelutka has a 50% off sale on their heads on November 27th till 29th.
Which means their heads are 1995 L$ each!

* GenesisLab has 50% refund on ALL purchases at the store, Gachas are 50L$.

* GenusProject has 40% off all purchases at the store (the price is already discounted)

It's LOGO biggest sale of the year!  60% off all heads and 50% off all animations for Skin Addiction members!  Nov 27-30th

Legacy opens its biggest sale event of the year! Black Friday 2020! The whole store is yours for the taking, ALL bodies, and gifts! 

Today on my blog some more group gifts and some bargains from Marketplace.
Keep reading!

* Today I am wearing the Athena head from the LAQ Black Friday sale (375 L$) and Maitreya Lara body.

* And with this head I am wearing the Kasja BoM skins by 7 Deadly s[K]ins.  
They are available as skins and as appliers and they are at the Sense Event till December 8th.
The group is currently FREE to join till November 29th. However in December the fee will be 1000 L$ due to the many Advent gifts for group members.

* The eye makeup I am using today is by Alaskametro and it is from their Noelle tester which is FREE on Marketplace.
You get a BoM layer or as Omega applier. This tester has just ONE lipstick and one eyeshadow and is fully wearable.

* The gorgeous nails are by Cazimi, they are their Summer End nails and you can find them on Marketplace for 25 L$.
They come as Omega applier and applier for Maitreya and Slink.
You get 10 colour options.
* This Summer fun complete outfit is by BHB and it is available on Marketplace for 1 L$.
You get the top, pants and shoes and a colour change HUD with many options.
This set fits Maitreya, Belleza Slink and it comes in standard mesh sizes.
The shoes are for MID feet, Maitreya,Belleza, Slink, N-Core and TMP and they also come in a resize version.

* The cute hair is by Rezology and it is called Curious. You can find it on Marketplace for 1 L$.
It comes with a colour change HUD with 5 set colours and a colour picker so you can change the hair to any colour you like.
* End of summer still has lovely warm days and this cute Coralin dress will look great on you on these warm days.
This dress is a Lucky Board gift at Seniha. Seniha has a free to join group and there are many group gifts available. 
This dress fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Legacy.

* The to die for Jahzara Ladenia set is by Luminesse.
There are 6 versions of this gorgeous set.
* But soon it will get colder and night falls sooner...we need some nice warm Autumn clothes like this cute pink mesh sweater which is by Polina Petrova.
It is 1 L$ on Marketplace and it fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.

* The cute YES jeans are by Nebukadnedzar Zane and they are 1 L$ on Marketplace. They come in one seize as BoM layer and they are full perm.

* The Lolitov sneakers are a group gift at Versov. They come in a male & female version and they fit Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMP, and Signature and they come in an unrigged version too.
You get a FAT pack of these shoes.

* The beautiful Deco earrings are by Swallow and you get them on Marketplace for 1 L$.
A HUD with 12 colour options and 4 metal options and a resizer is included.

* The cute Lightning Legs hair is by Rezology and it is 1 L$ on Marketplace.

* Pictures are taken at Sunny's Studios - you will need the group which is 150 L$.
* After summer Autumn will start and winter will come soon too...and this warm and elegant New Years gift (from last year I guess?) is perfect for colder days.
It is a group gift at Hilly Haalan. The group is free to join.
You get the top and pants, stilettos (NOT shown) and a beautiful scarf too.
All fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and comes in classic mesh sizes too.

* The cute Da Boots booties are by Chantel and you can find them on Marketplace for 1 L$.
They fit Slink high feet only (but is you make your feet invisible, which I did, they fit Maitreya and other avatars too).
The included HUD gives you many options.
* And for those cold days before Christmas it is so nice to sit by the fireplace and enjoy a hot coco. 
This Nova outfit by Scandalize is 144 L$ for each colour at the store and it is just perfect for colder days. You get 2 tops, one with and one without sleeves. 
And pants. Both top & pants come in plain or with hearts. And there is a metal overlay (dots) included too.
A belt with colour change HUD is included.
This set fits Maitreya,Belleza, Slink and Legacy.

* The warm Mini down Jacket is from the 1 L$ sale at Gabriel.
It fits Maitreya ONLY.