Friday, October 23, 2020

Bargains, freebies, and a Hot Dog costume for Halloween?

 Happy Friday Readers!
Today on my blog a gorgeous Fall dress by Furtacor (150 L$ offer)
And a warm group gift by Hilly Haalan (group is free to join)
What else? Oh yes FREE gifts from the Shop & Hop event (runs till the 31st of October).
Amongst these gifts is a very scary Halloween Hot Dog costume!
Curious? Keep reading!

FREE gifts you can find at the Shop & Hop event which runs till October 31st.
There are 8 SIMS to check out:

* The gorgeous Sunset skins/appliers I am showing you today are by
 7 Deadly s[K]ins and they are available at the Fashion Essentials Event till October 31st.

* The Kotinga lipsticks come as Omega applier or as BoM layer and they are by Booty's Beauty.
So are the Night Light eye shadows. They also come as Omega applier or BoM layer.

* I am using Vista Zoe head and Maitreya Lara body.
* This great Felippa dress is by Furtacor and it is their Hype Weekend sale offer.
It is yours for 150 L$ and you get the dress which fits Maitreya, Belleza, Legacy and Slink. Included is also a huge colour change HUD which changes the top and the skirt separate. Each part has 15 options.

* The Vargas necklace is by Mistwood. It is just 1 L$!
I got the garnet one but this necklace is available in many more colours, all for 1 L$.

* The Vivian hair is by Escalated. It is a group gift and the group is 99 L$ to join.
You get a fat pack with streaks and duo versions and a styling HUD is included too.

* The poses with leave are called Autumn poses and they are by FoxCity.
* This great Shia poncho is one of the many group gifts you can find at Hilly Haalan.  
The group is free to join and you can find the gifts in a small shop just outside the main store (GIFTS in capitals above the entrance)
This Shia poncho comes in 2 colours and they fit Maitreya ONLY.

* The lovely Angel boots are also a group gift aHilly Haalan
They fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and the included HUD gives you 15 options.

* The elegant Scarfs are again a a group gift aHilly Haalan
A colour change HUD is included, you get 10 texture options.

* The cute leggings are by Higgle and you can find a pack with 6 options on Marketplace for 1 L$.
They come as Omega appliers and appliers for Slink and Eve. They also come in mesh and fitmesh sizes.

* The Witching Hour bag is by Nocturnal and you can find them on the AURELIAN sim.
It is a gift :)

* The Solaris hair is by Escalated and it is from their GROUP lucky board. The group is 99 L$ to join.
You get a fat pack with streaks and duo versions and a styling HUD is included too.
* And there is is: the HOTDOG outfit by Horntail.
You can find it on the GOLDEN sim as a gift :)
It comes in one size and you can wear it with or without the sauce.
* This Charlotte top and shorts set is a gift in the Shop & Hop event by The Forge.
You can find them on the GOLDEN sim.
This set fits Maitreya obviously, it coms in one size.

* The Sayuri Wagasa umbrella is a gift by Ghoul on the GOLDEN sim.

* The Lazy Skeleton is ny Harshlands and you can find this gift too on the GOLDEN sim.
This skeleton is animated.

* The Cybil hair is by Escalated. They have a daily 50 L$ offer and this appealing hair was on he board a few days ago. But I am sure you will find a great bargain there too.
* On my previous blog post I already told you that there are so many cute accessories as gifts in the Shop & Hop event.
One of them are these very cute Ghost earrings by KuddelMuddel which you can find on the GILDED sim. 

* The Rosier hair is by Moon salon.
* While you are picking up that cute Charlotte top & skirt set at The Forge do not forget to tak the 2 other gifts you can find there with you!
This Kayne's Eyepatch and the Dogmeats Goggles are both a gift on the GILDED  sim too.
* And Wrens Nest also on the GILDED sim has these awesome Cheeky Beauty face paints as a gift for you!
You get 4 versions.
* The Elvira earrings in 2 versions are a gift by Kunglers.
You can find them on the TINSELED sim.
* And the last one for today are there Neon Horns by The Annex. 
You can find them in several versions on the TINSELED sim.
They are animated.


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