Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Meet Marcus

Good Morning Readers!
Meet Marcus, my male friend. He will participate on my blog in the future and he is a pretty nice guy. He has his moments though.
But I know you will get to know him and like him as much as I do.
So today on my blog Marcus in male outfits & shoes.

The Basics:
* Marcus full Bento avatar by Altamura. This avatar comes with HUD and works with Omega. You will need the Omega System Kit for Altamura (99 L$ at the Omega store).
I am using the skins that are in the HUD from this avatar.

* Stealthic Like Lust hair, 300 L$ per hair tone, you get a HUD with 10 options with the hair and a styling HUD with 4 options to style the hair.

* Dark brown Vermeer eyes by No Shirt Sherlock are 99 L$ on Marketplace per eye tone.

* ALL Clothing Marcus is wearing today is by Sickler Designs
Links to the outfits will be placed under the pictures.
* Denim sleeveless shirt by Stickler Designs fits Altamura, Adam and Signature.
For 99 L$ you can look this sexy.

* Men's summer shorts by Stickler Designs fit Altamura and Aesthetic.
You get 3 texture options for just 50 L$

* Vale Koer Vasiform shoes are a group gift at Vale Koer (free to join).
A colour change HUD is included, which changes each part of the shoes individual.
They come in one mesh size.
* Ripped jeans by Stickler Designs fit Altamura and Aesthetic. They are just 50 L$, a basic pair you should not miss.

* Adam Tank top by Stickler Designs fits Altamura, Adam, Belleza Jake, ExMachina, Signature, and Slink. A colour change HUD with 5 texture options is included.
It's yours for 99 L$.

* Leather cover sunglasses are from the 1 L$ sale at Gabriel.
* Sleeveless shirt by Stickler Designs comes with a colour change HUD with 8 build in options and a possibility to change the colour the way you like.
The collar and buttons are colour change too.
This shirt fits Altamura, Signature, Adam.
The price? 50 L$.

* Mens Casual jeans are a basic every man needs. They are by Stickler Designs and you get them for 199 L$.
They fit Altamura, Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, Geralt, Gianni, NX-David, and Slink.
The HUD has 7 options for the jeans and 7 for the belt & buckle.
* Sleeveless Hoodie by Stickler Designs is available on Marketplace for 99 L$.
You get 5 versions of the shirt which fits Adam, Altamura, ExMachina, Signature, and Slink.

* The Worn jeans by Stickler Designs are a great addition to your wardrobe. They fit Altamura, Adam, Belleza Jake, ExMachina, Signature, and Slink and they are just 99 L$.
* Marcus looks very sexy in these Swim Trunks by Stickler Designs. They fit Altamura, Jake and Adam and a colour change HUD with 9 options for the trunks and 4 for the trim is included.
These trunks will set you back 50 L$.
* I know you were all curious about which undies this hunk is wearing, so here they are.
These sexy briefs by Stickler Designs fit Altamura, Adam, Signature and Slink and you get 6 versions to look this HOT!