Thursday, December 13, 2018

Oh those cosy winter sweaters....

Good morning Readers!
Winter time is warm cosy sweater time and I found quite a few gorgeous sweaters for you.
Some free, some 10 L$ and some a bit more expensive. But all cheap and lovely and warm.
So where did I get those sweaters or pull overs?
Well the Cart Sale at the Wash started with their Winter sale. Lots of great Second Life designers offer one or more of their designs there for 10 L$ and one special item for 50 L$. A great way to fill your inventory with great design for bottom prices. This current sale runs till January 2nd, so plenty time to go spend some money there! 
And a new round of the Designer Circle started too, this round runs till December 22nd.
And to balance it I found one cute dress in the advent calendar at Entice.
This calendar is free for group members and if you missed one gift you can buy it for 25 L$.
Last but not least the Peace on Earth hunt runs till December 31st and there are such gorgeous gifts in this hunt. All hunt gifts are FREE and in this hunt you are looking for a blue globe. There are 111 stores to search for this globe.
A hint & link page is available here.

First the basics.
Today I am wearing one of the Advent Gifts by 7 Deadly s[K]ins which is called Adventure. I am wearing the pineapple freckled version, but in the 31 Advent gifts are all skin tones in regular, with moles or with freckles.
The Advent Calendar is GROUP ONLY, the enrollment fee is 1000 L$ but the gift exceed this fee by far.

The hair styles I am wearing are by different designers, I will mention where you can find the hair in the description of the outfits below. They are ALL 10 L$.

So...winter time -> warm cosy sweater time!
How about this lovely Alia sweater in red by KUID? This sweater fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and it is just 10 L$.
You can find it at the Cart Sale at the Wash .
You can see all sweaters & tops KUID has on offer there on the pictures below. They are all 10 L$.

The Destroyed jeans are Omega appliers by Beautiful Dirty Rich. They were an older group gift, no longer available.

The awesome hair is by Mina. This hair is one of their group gifts and it is called Alison. The hair is colour change. It is actually hair with some blood on it for Halloween, but in the HUD are also colours without the blood.
The group is 200 L$ to join, but several gifts are available.

The beautiful Rose Petal lipsticks and the Moon Rock eye shadows (Omega appliers) are by Booty's Beauty.
And the awesome nail appliers are by Cazimi they are their Ombre nails, which you can find in 3 versions at the Designer Circle. Each of these HUDs for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega or Slink has 5 colour options and each set is 125 L$.

I am wearing the same Alison hair by Mina with the cute Sweet Dixie dress which I got from the Advent Calendar at Entice.
This beauty fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and it is a perfect dress for Christmas shopping, for a tea with friends or just to go out with your loved one.

The Tryska heels in orange by Heels go great with this lovely dress. They fit Maitreya or Slink.

The gorgeous jewelry is by Beloved Jewelry. It is their Leaf set. A beautiful necklace in gold with awesome coloured gems, perfect and elegant.
Over to the #192 round of the Designer Circle. One of their participants is Smesh and they always have such great offers there. How about this Demin shirt, which comes with a colour change HUD with 6 colour options. The shirt fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Tonic and for 130 L$ it is yours.

The jeans are from Marketplace. They are by XTRH and they come in mesh sizes. They are free, and even though they state they are male jeans you can see they fit my Maitreya body perfectly too.

The sexy booties are by Heels, they are their Sienna booties in black. They fit Maitreya and Slink.

The cute Poppy hair is by Escalated and it is a gift in the Peace on Earth hunt. This hair comes with several colour HUDS, with Christmas light (you can change the colour of the lights with a HUD or just take them off) and with a styling HUD too.
To look this gorgeous you just have to find their hunt globe at the store. All hunt gifts are FREE.
The next Milena outfits is by Apple Heart Inc. and it is on offer at the Designer Circle for just 100 L$. This set comes with a fun top. slink capri jeans and matching peep toe heels which fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. 
A colour change HUD with 10 texture options for the top and 5 fot the heels and jeans and 2 metal options is included. You can mix & match as much as you like. 
I had some fun with the HUD, the results are shown below, but you can create your own colour mixed outfits of course.
My last  outfit starts with a gift in the Peace on Earth hunt. This lovely Snowflake sweater is by Best You Ever (BYE) and if you can locate that blue globe at their store this sweater is yours. It fits Maitreya and Slink and comes in fitmesh sizes too (so classic avatars can wear it too).

The gorgeous Snowflake earrings are also a gift in the Peace on Earth hunt, they are hidden in the hunt globe at Captivating.

The to die for Five Shades of Winter nails are again a hunt gift and if you find the blue globe at DaneMarkZ you won't have to worry about your winter nails!
The HUDs come as Omega applier or for Maitreya.

The lovely Neveah hair is a lucky board gift by Escalated. You will need their free to join group though to get the gifts of their 10 lucky boards or 2 Midnight Mania boards.