Saturday, September 15, 2018

Group gifts YAY!

Hi Readers!
I am back from a short break and I do hope you missed my posts. But today there is a post and it is a good one. All group gifts! Some stores still have them and some are too good to miss out on.

Today I am wearing 2 lovely Omega appliers, both by 7 Deadly s[K]ins. The first one is Romina, a beauty in pineapple tone. She comes in many skin tones, from a very light to dark.
I am wearing my Maitreya Lara body, and Vista Zoe head.

Let me start with the gorgeous group gifts you can find at Blueberry. Strangely enough there are 2 Blueberry groups, both for the same store. The FIRST VIP one has an enrollment fee of 10 L$ and the SECOND one has a fee of 20 L$.
There are several group gifts available, tops, shoes, dresses and floaties.
Below I am showing you the Laced tops, which are a December gift and you can also BUY these tops without the group for 0 L$.
They fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and a colour change HUD with lots of options for the shirt, lots for the laces and lots for the metals is included.

The Georgina shoes fit Maitreya and Slink flats and they come with a colour change HUD too with 15 options for the body, leather, soles and straps.

The jeans are by Delizio and you can find them on Marketplace as Omega or Maitreya applier for FREE.

The lovely hair is by Sintiklia. It is called Asra and you can find this dark blondes version on their lucky boards. You do not need a group for these boards.

The lovely lipsticks I am using with this dress are the Recharge Lipstick appliers by Booty's Beauty. They come as Omega appliers and they have 12 lovely colour options. The eyeshadows are Smokey Eyes also by Booty's Beauty.
And this lovely Mimi dress is also a group gift by Blueberry. It comes again with a huge HUD with many options and it fits Maitreya Belleza and Slink. The HUD gives you the option to change the base colour into ombres and patterns and the included panties can be changed in colour too.
I especially love the ombres, they are just so lovely with the gradient colours. And the knotted top adds just that little special.

The lovely hair is a new release by Truth. It is called Livia and it comes with a styling HUD which gives you many options to wear this hair.
Another store with great group gifts is Hilly Haalan. The Hilly Haalan group is free to join and there are so many group gifts there that I can't show them all to you. There are 2 at the landing point and there is a small shed with many other previous group gifts. The gifts range from boots to sexy heels, from tops to beanies, from lovely dresses to sexy lingerie.
Let me show you a few examples below.
This lovely Lori dress is one of these group gifts. It fits Altamura, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP. A colour change HUD with 15 options is included.

The Alanis boots fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and they also are a group gift by Hilly Haalan. The colour change HUD that comes with the boots gives you 5 texture options.

The gorgeous bracelets are Akuti bracelets by Indulge Temptation. They come with a large HUD with 8 gem and 10 metal options.

The Omega skin appliers by 7 Deadly s[K]ins are called Ferna. I am wearing the pineapple tone.

The lovely lipsticks I am using with this dress are the Bootiful Lipstick appliers by Booty's Beauty

The roses are a group gift by Scandalize. They have plenty group gifts (I blogged several of them before - you can do a search for Scandalize on the right hand side of my blog). The group is free to join.
And  this Sophie dress is another group gift by Hilly Haalan. This dress comes in Fitmesh and standard mesh sizes and a HUD is included with 20 colour/texture options. The beautiful soft colours and the stylish knot make this dress exceptional and sophisticated.

The lovely Sonnet heels are also a gift by Hilly Haalan and they fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and the included HUD has 20 options for the shoe and the heels.

The lovely hair I am wearing is a new release by Truth. It is called Daphne and it comes with a styling HUD which gives you many options to wear this hair. There is also a HUD included to change the colour of the scarf, or an option to not wear the scarf at all. You can find this hair at Uber in all thinkable hair tones. You can get this hair at Uber till September 22nd.
My last find for today are group gifts by Legendaire. The Legendaire group is free to join and they have plenty group gifts available. Amongst then these group gifts is this elegant Hannah dress.
A perfect dress for a late night party. This dress fits Maitreya, Belleza and classic avatars. A beautiful golden necklace and matching heels for Slink high feet and a Prom Queen crown are included, NOT shown though.
The included colour change HUD gives you 4 perfect options to wear this dress.

The beautiful jewelry is the Zaramour Murcia set by Luminesse. This set has lovely ornate gold and black metal work and an amazing pink tiger center stone. The pink gem stone sand diamonds surround this center gem and make it just exceptionally lovely. For just 100 L$ you can get this set or another Zaramour set in a different colour. 

The lovely hair is Bloom by Truth. This hair comes with a styling HUD which gives you many options to wear this beauty. A colour change HUD for the hair flowers is included.

The lovely Omega skin applier I am wearing is by 7 Deadly s[K]ins and it is called Brooklyn. I am wearing the freckled version in pineapple. This perfect applier is available at the Blush Fair till September 24th. The freckles are to die for, but the plain version is also a beauty you should not miss.
I am wearing the lovely Brigitte Full Bento Avatar by Altamura. This gorgeous avatar is available at the store and she comes with a HUD and works with Omega appliers so you can change skins and wear Omega based tattoos and make up and clothes. You will need the Omega Applier system for Altamura though.