Saturday, June 2, 2018

I love red! And blue. Oh and yellow too!

Hi Readers!
I love colour, and if you are a regular reader of my blog you already know that!
So today with my Mia full Bento avatar by Altamura I am wearing a beautiful Penny applier in pineapple tone, which is by 7 Deadly s[K]ins and which you can find in dark or light tones at the Designer Circle till June 7th for just 199 L$ per set!
OK that is not rally a lot of colour yet.
But I am wearing beautiful red gowns today (which also come in other colours), a sexy little red dress with a stunning back ( which also comes in other colours),
and a beautiful sexy  jumpsuit which I am wearing in yellow, but which also come sin other colours.
So a really COLOURFUL blog today!

So let me start with the sexy little Desire dresses Graffitiwear is offering at the  Designer Circle in a dark and a light version. They are just 175 L$ per set and you get a colour change HUD with the package which holds 8 colours.
They fit Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMP, eBody, Tonic and also classic avatars. You can find both versions at the Designer Circle.

The Bohemian bracelets are by Indulge Temptation and you can find 6 versions of these bracelets at the SWANK event (MAY round - might have ended) or at the store. Each of these sets comes with a colour change HUD with 10 metal and 8 gem options.

With these dresses I am wearing the more than gorgeous hair called Bloom by Truth and this hair comes with a styling HUD which gives you several options to wear this hair. You can wear it up or down, with or without the flowers and a HUD to change the flower colour is included too. You can find this hair at Uber.

The lovely shoes which fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink are by FashionNatic and they are a GIFT for members of the free to join Tres Chic group at the Tres Chic event, which runs till June 10th. You will need the free to join group.
And these awesome Fatima jumpsuits are on offer at the Designer Circle by StormCrow design's. This great outfit has that oriental look and it fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. A colour change HUD with 8 colour options is included.
For just 175 L$ you can look this seducing! The beautiful head piece with lion and the necklace are included.
I am wearing another jewelry set with this Fatima jump suit too. It is by Lazuri (store closed) and it is called Lasya and you can still find this great colour change set on MARKETPLACE.

The stunning lipstick is a Lively Omega applier by Booty's Beauty. This applier comes with 12 options.

The cute Lupe Espadrilles are form the Midnight Mania boards at Baby Monkey. You do not need a group for this board (there are 3 lucky chairs too) and the shoes come with a colour change HUD which gives you many options to wear these shoes.

The gorgeous hair is Ophelia by Truth and this hair comes with a styling HUD which gives you lots of options to wear this hair. The colour change HUD also gives you the option to colour the left or right side of the hair separate.
My last find for today are these awesome Bella gowns by Scandalize. You can find these gowns as a gift at the Tres Chic event, which runs till June 10th. You will need the free to join group to get this gift.
The Bella gown fits Belleza, Maitreya and Slink (and Altamura as you can see). A colour change HUD with 5 colour options is included.

And ElvenElder has these Cstrings with HUD as a gift at the Tres Chic event. The HUD gives you 12 colour options, and these Cstrings fit Maitreya and Belleza (and Altamura).

The Ruby heels are a gift from the lucky chairs at Phedora (the group is 350 L$ to join). They fit Maitreya, Belleza, Slink (and Altamura).

The elegant First Roses bracelets are also by Indulge Temptation and they come in no less than 10 version for just 99 L$ per metal package and 120 L$ per colour package. You can find them at TWE12LVE till end of May.

Last but not last the beautiful Shenzhen Kenzo set is by Luminesse. This set comes in several colour combinations, I am wearing the red - gold version. It's simply a gorgeous set in modern Japanese high fashion design.  This is a minimalist style jewelry set in gold and black speckle tiling with a glamorous look.  The tiled necklace is simple yet amazing in detail formed into a full collar style necklace with lacquer plating in various colors and gold metal plates. This design will pair well with gowns and fashionable suits lending it to fabulous formal wear and more casual attire.