Thursday, February 2, 2017

Romantic evenings, exciting dates, love is in the air!

Happy Thursday Readers!
The 4 days of maintenance and restarts in Second Life are over and Valentine Day is getting closer, so if you are preparing your wardrobe for a special date, go have a look at the awesome gowns and cocktail dresses {LD} designs has on offer at the Fitmesh Designer Expose this month.
Also on my blog today a lovely dress which I got from the Midnight Mania board at Wicked. There are also 2 lucky chairs there, and you do not need a group to click the board or sit on the chairs.
But first things first: the skin is actually an Iclyn OMEGA head applier in pineapple by 7 Deadly S{k}ins which you can find at the Designer Circle in no less than 7 skin tones. Omega body and Slink hand s& feet appliers are included too. On top of that there are 2 Bento shapes included. And the price? 199 L$ ladies, can you believe that?
The eyes I am wearing are by Ikon and today I choose the Charm eyes in Forrest. Each pair of eyes is 150 L$ and there are plenty colours to choose from.
The hair I am wearing today is Fire by Truth.

So let me start with the awesome gowns by {LD} designs. Like I already said you can find all of the designs I am showing below at the Fitmesh Designer Expose. This first gown is called Lira and it is yours for 130 L$. The gown fits system avatars, Slink, Maitreya and Belleza.
I am wearing a beautiful Paris jewelry set by Lazuri with this gown. Not free, but a great set to have because you can change every part separate and adjust it to your outfits as you will see on my blog: I am wearing this set with all gowns today.
The sexy shoes are from the Midnight Mania board at MODA and it's their RAJA pumps which come with a huge colour change HUD. No group needed to click this board!
Over to the next gown by {LD} designs. This one is called Iris and it is the perfect gown for Valentines day! And the price at the Fitmesh Designer Expose is 130 L$. The gown fits system avatars, Slink, Maitreya and Belleza.
The next gown is called Selena and it is a more gothic gown. You can find this gown at the Fitmesh Designer Expose for 130 L$.
This lovely gown is called Lita and it is so romantic! Perfect for your most romantic date! For 150 L$ you can shine in this beautiful gown. You can find it at the Fitmesh Designer Expose.
And this gown is called Piper and I just fell for that beautiful royal blue colour. It goed great with my red hair, but with blond hair it will look awesome!
This gown is also 150 L$ but it is innocent and sexy at the same time....
My last find at the Fitmesh Designer Expose by {LD} designs is this enticing cocktail dress which is called Chaz. It is an exclusive for this event and it is yours for 120 L$.
Over to the Midnight Mania board and the lucky chairs at Wicked. The boards and chairs change often so you might find something else there! But you do not need a group to sit on the chairs or click the boards, and the gifts are always awesome. I got this cute black dress with a color change HUD for the belt only from the chair.
The lovely jewelry is also by Lazuri , this time their Prana set (also colour change)
The hair is Emeline by Truth.

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