Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dear Readers

Dear Readers,
Unexpectedly I am in severe pains. Surgery went well, but the recovery time is way longer and harder than expected. I still will blog, but not each day for the time being.
Blogging distracts me from the pains, so it has its benefits. And besides that: I love to blog.
So what is on my blog today?
Well lots of hair, cute dresses and elegant shoes and sweet puppy. Most of it is free.
Let me start with the 100th round of the Designer Circle. I still had this elegant dress with cardigan in my inventory and it is by Wertina. This elegant dress comes in 5 colours and each one is 90 L$.
This round runs till March 14th so hurry if you still want to grab the bargains you can find there.
Then I went to MonaLisa. They have plenty Lucky boards, but they are group only and the group is not free to join (50 L$ enrolmentfee).
But they do have a Midnight Mania board which is free for everyone and the gifts in this board change often. Below are 2 of the gifts I got there.
Then I went to Like Designs and they have 6 Lucky boards for group members. Their group is free to join. Next to the Lucky boards (4 with elegant SLINK HIGH shoes, 2 with clothing) is a Midnight Mania board. You have to be a group member to click this board, and at the moment you will get lovely hair if the board closes.
Another favorite place is LaNoir Soleil. They have plenty of Lucky chairs with all PINK / PURPLE hair and below is what I got there.
And Alice Project has a NON group Midnight Mania board where I got this lovely hair. The hair comes with a colour change HUD which changes the hair tone into 30 different ones. The name of the hair is Victoria.
Alice Project also has a MINI mania board which just needs 5 clicks. Get your friends over and click away till you all have the hair you want. THere are many options in the board (look below). Most hair comes in 5 tones.
And my last find is this fun puppy which is on thge Midnight Mania board at PS Pets & animals. The board needs just 75 clicks and you do not need a group.