Monday, October 3, 2011

Who doesn't like lucky boards?

Well actually I love them unless the changing time of the letters is very very long. But at Ribbon the letters change every 5 minutes and I got this fun mouse hoddy from their lucky board.
And M*Motion has some nice gifts on their lucky boards too, tehre is even a Halloween lucky board at the store. Look what I got! (One board is group only and the group is free to join).

Amour has a Midnight Mania board and this iw what I got there.
Amour is also participating in the MHOH (find the international female sign). And they have this lovely gift hidden inside the hunt object. The poses are by Purple Poses.
Then I went to Mamboo Chick to get their lovely group gift, a new skin.
Dulce Secrets has 3 new released skins, see below.
American Bazaar is taking part in the D is for Deviant hunt and if you find the hunt item at their store this sexy outfit is yours :)
I hopped over to Urban Republic and stumbled over the HBH hunt item there...these fun tops were inside. I feel like Smurfette :)
The next stop for me was Mind Games and I found the MHOH item there (look for the international female sign). You can see below what was hidden inside ;)
Another great outfit, also a gift in the MHOH, is by Nico YAFL. A very sexy sturdy outfit. The shoes are (just like the ones above) by BabyMonkey.
The next sturdy outfit, also from the MHOH is by AoD Designz. Love the baggy pants :)
And this outsit includes the cute boots. This is the gift by LC design in the MHOH.
LC Design also is participating in the MND hunt and the hunt item is a butterfly. If you find this butterfly at the store, this lovely outfit is yours.
And LC Design is participating in the SSH hunt (find white panties) and if you find the panties you will see they hid this outfit inside.
SWAK is giving you also a cute make over, you get this great sexy outfit including the tattoo. Find the international female sign at their store ladies.
The next gift in the MHOH is by Together and as hell  :) The shoes are included, so is the tattoo in 2 shades, light and dark.
I found some more sexy gifts from the MHOH and this one is by Kiwi Mainstore.
How about this outfit? It is a sexy vest by Roughnecks and the only thing you have to do is to find the MHOH object at their store.
Another nice top is hidden inside the MHOH object at Babycakes.
The last one for today are the lovely wool caps that Xens hats is giving away as a present in the MHOH. They are color change with a hud and I am showing you just a few colors, but there are many more.