Friday, October 21, 2011

Hunt at Doux Petit Dahl and some more stuff I picked up on the way

Doux Petit Dahl has a special hunt on their sim. I found - by accident - a green photo camera (it is also a hunt price, see below) and it is part of the TATOTCH hunt. You have to find either a green camera or a blue or pink Tee. You get a hud and that helps a lot to find the gifts.
# 1.

# 3.
Skin #2 Shape #8

#8 + #9


Doux Petit Dahl also has a great subscribo gift and they have a lucky cupcake and several MM boards.
Subscribo gift

Then I stood a while at the lucky board at Sassy and I got this great outfit :)
These boots are from te Midnigh Mania board at Bootgasm. The board changes frequently so there could be something else on it now. There are also 4 lucky chairs but the letters change only every 30 minutes :(
This shirt can be found at SE design and it is a gift in the I Need New hunt. Find the black and white ribbon to get this cute shirt.
The skin I am wearing with the school shirt and tie by SE design is a new released skin by Censored. They actually released 2 new skins (NOT FREE!)

Over to the Zombie Popcorn Hunt. You have to find a bag with popcorn and a zombie inside at the stores. I found the one at Izzie's design and that is one GREAT dress. It comes with the bangles and the earrings and I simply LOVE it.
I am wearing the bag I found at BUBBLE with this lovely dress, also a gift in the Zombie Popcorn hunt.

Diesel Poses gives away 4 lovely poses in the Zombie Popcorn hunt. Find the popcorn at their store and they are yours.
The next dress is by Belote and I am using one of the Diesel poses to show this dress. Again you have to find the bag with popcorn to wear this sexy dress.
Zenith is also participating in the Zombie Popcorn hunt. If you find the popcorn you will get this cute dress with the hair piece.
Yazumi is also giving awway a lovely dress in the Zombie Popcorn hunt and I styled this dress with the bag K Rea is giving away in the same hunt. Look for the popcorn ladies.
Last one for today is the dress Ducknipple has hidden inside their popcorn bag. It comes  with the flats and it is simply adorable.