Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Group gifts, lucky boards and special offers :)

OK I admit, the title of this blog is not very inspired. But that is what I found in my inventory. Like this GREAT gift from Gizza. It is their October group gift for females, a lovely peacock gown. And for the guys a warm sweater with pants (which I am wearing partial...)

Then I found this lovely necklace on the Midnight Mania board at Gesamtkunstwerk. WOW I love it and it will go great with all your gowns :)
Dryad has changed their Midnight Mania board gift too, to a lovely vintage seat (includes earrings, bracelet and necklace).
On the Midnight Mania board at Morea you can find this elegant cocktail dress and the jewelry above is perfect to wear with this dress ;)
Marret has a GREAT group gift, elegant, sophisticated and orange, so you can wear it at Halloween too.
I found some more Halloween outfits. This one is by Hal Hina and it is their group gift for this month.
I was so lucky to get a lovely top from the lucky boards at Hal Hina too (group tag needed).
And FRICK is having a small hunt at their store. You have to find witches hats, there are a lot hidden inside the store. I got hat6 and 7, both contained a sweet dress with sexy option. The other hats have skins inside.

Then I found this GREAT Halloween dress at LS Kingdom. It is free, no group needed.

Alli & Ali hair have new group gifts and voting gifts at their store and also a lot of new freebies on their Marketplace shop.
This first hair is the new group gift, called Dione.

The voting gift is Elena. Both can be found at the Alli & Ali mainstore.
On Marketplace you can find Dione too, in a different color. Oh boy I love this color.
And Elena can also be found on Marketplace in a different color.
The next hair is called Alexa and it is also on Marketplace.
Mollie is a lovely hairdo, I love this lose style. You can get it on Marketplace.
Last one for todat is perfect for Halloween. Do we all remember Hairy? This hair is called Kousin.