Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday afternoon, sun is shining and what am I doing?

Oh I know, I am a bit crazy to keep this blog. It actually takes quite a lot of time to find freebies, unpack them, style them and take pictures. But I love doing it and sometimes you have to make choices: do I go out or do I work on my blog.
Today I am just going to finish the blog fast so I can go out and enjoy the fall sun

Let me start today with 22769. They have a special hunt going on, the Boo 2 hunt. What I understood is: you have to find the hunt item (in this case a male outfit) and buy it for 100 L$. But you will find another special item inside the hunt item (and THIS one is for females). The BOTTOM pic is the male gift, the 2 upper ones is the female gift.

They also have a GREAT new october gift for group members at their store. Perfect for Halloween :) Find it at 22769. (It is an avatar you wear, so not a decoration!)

Then I went to American Bazaar. They are taking part in the Dirty Little Secret hunt and if you find the hunt item at their store you will be the proud owner of these 2 outfits (one is male, other female, can you guess which?)

The next shop was Paperdoll. They are participating in the Zombie Popcorn hunt and if you find the popcorn at their shop, you will see that this lovely black dress with fire in your hands is inside.
Paperdoll is also participating in the Seasons hunt and if you find the hunt item at their store this sexy pink dress is yours :) ( find a pumpkin)

Arnadi is also participating in the ZombiePorcorn Hunt and they give you this scary Tee if you find the popcorn at their store :)

I went back to the lucky chairs of Nomine and YAY I was so lucky to get 2 more items, a lovely black gown and a very sexy little bikini.

Then I went to D!va and they have reached over 20.000 members in their group. WOW That is amazing, congratulations D!va !! They have this GREAT present for their group members, lovely hair wearable with or without a scarf. It comes in many colors (just showing you a few).

D!va also has a lot of lucky board and I was so lucky to win the hair below.

Censored has brought out a new skin called Camilla. It comes with 2 lipstick layers. NOT free but a lovely skin :)
Last one for today is by Boho Hobo.
They have released a new line of lovely ethnic jewelry and this is what they write about it:
~*AZIN*~, the Dari word for jewelery and also a girl's name, is a newly released line of jewelery from BoHo HoBo. Afghanistan, crossroads of Asia for millennia, reflects the styles of India, Persia, Mongolia and Central Asia in everything, including the art of jewelry-making.
The jewelry is NOT free, 350 for each set. You can also buy each item separately.
I am showing you just 3 styles, there are 3 more at the store.