Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween part 4.

Another blog with Halloween stuff I found all over SL and all over Marketplace :)
But first I have to find my HEAD...Oh lord, I am feeling with my hand above my neck...but it is GONE !!! Where did I loose my head? ...The is by pose Kabuki and it is free and it scared the hell out of me.
Just think about going through SL without a head ! Where would I put all my HAIR?
The dress I am wearing is by the Leia Galaxy group and it is 1 L$. You can find it on Marketplace and you also get wings with it.
I am wearing this cute dress with the bag I went trick and treating with...the bag is by Applebottom Dumpling and it is 1 L$.
And I was wearing this Trick or Treat blindfold with the dress too but it was kinda hard to go trick and treating wearing it *giggles*
Then I found a very cute dress at Lexfam. I am wearing Gothic Angel boots with it, they are 1 L$.
I am wearing the Gothic Angel boots also with the latex Halloween dress I found at Nada.
The next dress comes in yellow and orange and you get both dresses in one pack. They are by H&H and they are 1 L$. Stockings and pasties are included.

Over to Demonic where I found this cute Halloween dress. It is free :)
And this cute dress is by Nanashi.
The next one is a complete Ghost Bride avatar and it is pretty scary. It comes with the skin, dress, shoes, hair and rose.
Another complete avatar is this one below. It is by Vampy Vampire.

Then I wanted to find some cute accesoiries to wear with the gowns I will show you below and the dresses above. I found a few scary necklaces made out of bones by Xoph. There is also a larger version available for guys.
The other necklace I found is a cute pumpkin necklace which is 1 L$.
And I found this very scary hat with eyes. It is by Necronom.
I also found some very cute elegant yet scary gowns. Perfect for your Halloween party dances. This one is by Affinity and it is called Egypt gown. 1 L$ for this gown.
The next one is also by Affinity and this one is called Autumn Flame. This gown is also 1 L$.
The last 2 gowns are by Grim Bros. They are from last year and the year before, but still very nice dresses.
You can find the long pumpkin gown HERE.
And the short Halloween dress HERE.