Thursday, October 13, 2011

humming along...

I am just humming along, listening to songs on the radio...I love the songs by this one SET FIRE TO THE RAIN. Or this one ROLLING IN THE DEEP. While you are listening to the songs I will simply work on my blog so you can read it while humming too :)

This great outfit..ohhh it had such a WOW factor for me ! It is a gift from CHG Stores and I simply love it. To get it you have to find the hunt item from TRPH (The Runway Perfect Hunt) at the store...
The poses I am using are by Avante Poses and also a gift in the TRPH.
And this lovely summer dress is by Candy Crunchers and it will be yours if you find the ticket, which is the hunt item in the TRPH.
I found another great dress, this time at Kissy design and also from the TRPH. You can wear it with or without the prim part. The designers have been very generous in this hunt, there are so many great gifts.

This elegant sexy cocktail dress is a gift by Evolve in the TRPH. And the poses I am using are also a gift in this hunt, this time by Behaviour Bodies Poses.
Another very elegant gown is by Alloro. WOW I love the mermaid style and the fabric looks like satin, so shiny. It is a gift in the TRPH.
I hopped over to Shiki to find another great gown, a retro one this time. Showing a lot of leg. The patern on the gown is very 50th don''t you think? Find the ticket from the TRPH and it is yours.
Legal Insanity is also participating in the TRPH. They hid a lovely top and pants set inside their ticket.
You could wear the pants from Legal Insanity perfectly well with the elegant top that NC Paris has as a gift in the TRPH.
The next gift from the TRPH I found was at Angel Dessous. They have this lovely lingerie for us ladies hidden inside the ticket. Stockings and fur are included.
Love.Mi has 2 make up sets in their ticket. You can choose to wear just the eye tatoo, or just the lipstick or the complete make up.

I also found a few shapes in this hunt. These shapes are by Ducksnake and one is from TPRH and the other is a gift at the store.
This next shape is NOT from TRPH, it is by Forever Shapes and it is the newly released Erika shape. You can find it at the mainstore. (not free)
And to end this blog I am wishing you HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES !!!