Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last of the scary stuff

Just one more blog with some scary stuff... at least that is what I am hoping for :) Let me start with the funny dead bunny you get is you find a bag of popcorn at Ragdolls. The popcorn is the hunt item from the Zombie Popcorn hunt.
However if you find the popcorn at Acide you get a bear-in-mouth thing...or is it a bear? Maybe a voodoo doll?
AnnaA gives you a bottle of blood soap to wear in your mouth and believe me my mouth started foaming! Find the popcorn bag to get it.
Then I found these scary glasses at Concrete Flowers, hidden inside the popcorn.
Epic is also giving you something scary to wear if you can find the popcorn at their store. NO not a dress...a backpack...which is pretty scary.
If you go over to House of Darcy and you find the popcorn there you will also get something to wear in your mouth. A lovely scary mouth jewel.

Some more stuff to wear ...let me think...Kosh and LouLou & Co are both giving away a scary necklace in the Zombie Popcorn hunt. If you want to wear either one you have to TP over and find the popcorn ! The KOSH necklace on the left, the LouLou & Co one on the right.

Sigma is giving away jewelry too...how about these lovely bangles? Find the popcorn to get them :)
More jewelry can be found inside the red white bag with popcorn at Soap. They give you a lovely colorful necklace and a scary tattoo too.
The slippers that VC Design Vanilla has hidden in their popcorn are pretty scary, that is if black cats scare you :)
Or how about the devil horns Glue Ink is giving away inside the popcorn? I love the top they included in their gift too.
I found 4 piercing gifts in this hunt, one by Hebenon Vial, one by Poke, one by Virtual Insanity and the last one at EllaBella.
Hebenon Vial and Poke

Virtual Insanity

EllaBella piercing and eyes
This blood soaked blindfold is the gift you will find inside the popcorn if you find the bag at Jinx.

And the next gift isn't scary at all. As a matter of fact it is a beautiful gift by Natural Beauty, a lovely skin.
In the Zombie Popcorn hunt you can also find hair, like this hair by KMadd.
KMadd is also participating in the On the Hunt hunt (find magnifying glass) and if you find this itemyou will get both hairs below :) The hairbase on the right is NOT included.
Then I found this very cute but scary dress by YoPulga. Find the bag of popcorn at theit store and you can wear this outfit:)
The next outfit is by Pink Mares House. I love the hat that is included ;) Pink Mares House hid this outfit inside the popcorn ladies. Looks a bit like Lil Miss Muffet. But then with spiders.
Pepper on the other hand is giving a way a lovely pair of pants in this hunt, with several cuff options. I love the Ipod and the keys in the cuff :) (ok the pic isn't that good...I agree)

Last one for today is the coat I found at NV Madworld and the hotpants by C'est moi. Both gifts in the Zombie Popcorn hunt, so find the bag of popcorn if you want either one :)