Thursday, 28 August 2014

Connect the dots

Hi there Readers!
Today on my blog some more gifts I found in the Do the Dots hunt. This hunt runs till August 31st so just a few days left to go hunting!
There is a helpful HINT & LINK page available and on this page are also pictures of the hunt gifts. Every gift is free and you are looking for a white ball with black dots in this hunt.
Let me show you what I found.
I landed at #41 D.O.R.K. and inside their hunt ball is a lovely gift. You get this sweet dotted dress in no less than 8 colours if you can locate the hunt ball at their store.
Then I went to #24 Baci Village. The hunt ball is not too hard to find ladies, just look at the hints, they are very helpful. If you can find the ball with the black dots at this store, this cute outfit including the shoes is yours.
Another participant in this hunt is #37 Get Frocked. They have this sweet dotted dress as a gift in this hunt. You only have to find that ball to get it.
The next outfit is the hunt gift from #42 Dejaa Vu. I just love the simple elegance of this beautiful dress.
The shoes are the hunt gift by #12 Lindy shoes. Just go find those balls ladies!
To wear with your new dresses you can decide to find this great hair do by #32 Alli & Ali hair. You get a huge fat pack with all hair tones shown and the bow is colour change.
I also found the hunt gift at #6 Sky. But they are participating in 2 other hunts too. So if you are at SKY and you can find an exclamation mark in red, you will get the gift from the BLBH2 hunt. Which is this lovely elegant purple dress!
And if you can find warm socks at SKY, this great set of pants & top is yours. Look for the red set of socks. My personal hint: LOOK UP!
Then I also found the hunt ball at Sin Original. But they do have a Midnight Mania board which I clicked. And I received this cute summer set, skimpy shorts and a top.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

What happened to the group gifts?

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening Readers!
Lately I haven't put many group gifts on my blog and we all know there are groups that give away a lovely gift each month to their members.
I just will mention WoW skins (a new skin each month, 18 group Lucky boards, enrolment fee 350 L$), or Sascha's Designs (a new gown each 1st of the month, enrolment fee 100 L$), Baby Monkey (a lot of gifts, enrolment fee 250 L$) but there are many more. Forgive me designers if I forget to mention you on my blog, just send me a message in Second Life and I will make sure you will be mentioned.
So today some group gifts on my blog. But also a few freebies I found on Marketplace.
Let me start with Morea. They have this very elegant cocktail dress as a group gift this month. Joining the group is free.
And Ashmoot has this cute romper as a new group gift. Joining their group is also free. The cute belt is included.
Now if you are wondering about the jewellery I am wearing with the romper above...this is a new release by Lazuri. The set is called Marzia and for the time being you can get this great complete set for just 499 L$. You can change the metal and the gems and the Pearls and adjust this set to every outfit you like to wear. As you can see below I had a lot of fun playing with it.
I am wearing the Marzia set with the little loose black dress which you can find at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$. It is by Pink Cherry and there are 3 colours to chose from.
I just love bling and to my surprise Alienbear has a new group gift. I think their last one was somewhere in 2010...but this one is awesome again. Joining the group is 100 L$ and you have to wear your group tag to enter their special Group gift place. You get earrings in several sizes and a special Dragon Earring too.
Alienbear has another great gift for us ladies, and this one you can find at L'Accesoiries. If you are landing at a landing point, just copy and paste the link from my blog in nearby chat. Then right click it on your screen and chose show on map. Walk or fly to where the red Arrow is pointing. The gift, a lovely bracelet matching the earrings above, is in the gift box.
Another jewellery designer is Chop Zuey. Joining their group is 350 L$ but you get awesome group gifts. If that is too much for you: Chop Zuey has also a free to join group with also very beautiful gifts for free. I am showing you the payed group gift below: a lovely necklace set (you get 2 necklaces which you can wear together or separate) with several Earring options.
Over to some free jewellery. I found this cute shop on Marketplace and it is called La Petite Perle. They have awesome jewellery for 0 L$ and 1 L$. I am showing you just a few options below.
This set is called Black Pearls. Free.
And there is also a White Pearls set. Free.
And this set of Gold Pearls is also free.
This set is called Torsade and it is free.
My last find are the group gifts by Baby Monkey. Joining is 250 L$ but you get amazing group gifts (and there are free to join weekends too).
Not only the group gifts are great, but there are also 8 Lucky chairs at the store and 3 Midnight Mania boards. I got a lovely dress called Kawaii dress from their Lucky chairs, and this dress comes with a HUD that changes the dress into 8 different textures. The prizes on the Lucky chairs change often, so you might find other gifts to win.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

Hi there Readers!
Today on my blog a mix of Designer Circle and the Do the Dot hunt, just like yesterday. As both of these events run till end of the month, the Designer Circle round till August 30th and the Do the Dot hunt till August 31st, there is little time left to go grab those great offers or find those hunt prizes.
Let me start with the Designer Circle. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and a lot of great Second Life designers offer one or more of their designs there. A great way to fill your inventory with great designs for a low price.
Icewerk for example is offering these great Fifth Avenue dresses at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ each. There are 5 colours to chose from.
The elegant hair flowers are by Baubles by Phe and you can find them at the Designer Circle for 100 L$.
The great skin I am wearing is by WOW skins and it is available at the Designer Circle for 99 L$ per skin tone. The name is Eshe and there are 3 skin tones to chose from. You can also get all appliers there.
The outfit Eyelure has on offer at the Designer Circle is perfect for a day at the beach. Great tied shorts in 4 colours for just 99 L$ each, and fun matching tanks with a cut out heart at the back, also in 4 colours and also 99 L$ each.
And what else do you need for a day at the beach? Yes! Aviator glasses! Glow Designs has these great Aviator glasses in 4 colours on offer at the Designer Circle for 100 L$. I am wearing a cute black dress with these glasses, perfect for a stroll along the boulevard or an evening clubbing after a long day tanning at the beach. This dress is also available at the Designer Circle and it is on offer by Pink Cherry in 3 colours for 100 L$ each.
Then I did some more hunting in the Do the Dot hunt. There is a HINT & LINK page available, which is very helpful. You are looking for a white ball with black dots in this hunt and all gifts are free.
Today I landed at #22 Broken Glass Boutique to find this great pink outfit inside their hunt ball. I am wearing the dotted shoes #12 Lindy Shoes has hidden inside their hunt ball. But if you don't fancy high heels you can also hop over to #10 Harmony Designs. If you can locate the hunt ball there, these cute dotted flats are yours.
And #25 Euphoria Couture has this elegant pencil skirt dress with a split skirt as a hunt gift hidden inside their hunt ball. Go find it and this dress is yours to wear. The cute shoes are included and they are for SLINK HIGH feet.
Now if you fancy sandals more....go to #15 B!asta and go find that hunt ball there! Inside you will find these elegant dotted sandals for SLINK MID feet.
My last finds for today have a more sexy nature. This sexy bathing suit is the hunt gift at #43 Sin Original. I am wearing skin coloured pasties with this sexy suit or you would see a lot more. But it is a great hunt prize for those who love sexy.
And even more sexy is the hunt gift you can find inside the hunt ball at #34 Thorns and Petals. Don't ask me how it stays up, I would suggest booby tape :)