Friday, 24 October 2014

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Awareness in Second Life

Good Morning Readers!
Today a different blog. My friend Hannah Daviau told me she is participating in the EB Awareness Charity Event. It’s a chance to tell people about Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare disease that affects 1 in 50,000 children born throughout the world as a result of a genetic disorder. It varies in severity among its sufferers. It is characterized by a defect between the anchoring of the skin between the epidermis (top layer of skin) and the dermis (second layer). People who suffer from EB suffer from skin fragility, blistering and constant pain.

This event is being held in Second Life and it will start TOMORROW (October 25th) and it runs till October 31st. A group of Second Life Designers offer one or more of their designs on this fair.
The organisation behind this event is DEBRA and Hannah told me 75% of her sales will go directly to DEBRA.
You can find Hannah's Shop DMZ at the EB Awareness Charity event. (If you land at the landing spot just copy and paste the LM from my blog in nearby chat, click it and chose Show on Map...and a red Arrow on your screen will point you to the shop. Walk or fly there, if you use teleport you will land at the landing spot again).
Below I will give you an impression of what DMZ is selling on this event. There are more colours available of each item I am showing you is just an impression.

And to thank you all for supporting this event and making a donation by buying the lovely outfits, DMZ is giving away a lovely Halloween dress in purple. Just check the Demo's ladies and you will be surprised (the gift is hidden in the DEMO)!!
The lovely skin I am wearing is Annabelle by WoW skins and you can find her at The Halloween Fair which started today. With Halloween just around the corner I am wearing Annabelle on my blog today.
The elegant hair is Judy by Tameless hair, which is 249 L$. You get an easy to use HUD with this hair to change the hair colouir into 30 different tones.
DMZ is also participating in the Gatcha Garden Event. There are 2 great gatcha's by DMZ There, one with awesome boots and one with elegant necklaces. Each try is 100 L$ and like all gatcha's these are transfer, so you can swap with your friends or just give them away!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

This is SCARY...

Hello Readers,
Yes another Halloween blog and most of it is free. As Halloween is around the corner, we all want to get that perfect costume or that perfect skin. WoW skins has a beautiful Annabelle skin for the Halloween Fair that will start on October 24th (TOMORROW!!). This skin is perfect for Halloween, very light and very scary. I am wearing Annabelle on my blog today. On the top picture I am also wearing the Annabelle shape. Even dark grey wet eyes are available.
Now if you like another skin, there are a few you can find on Marketplace. Like this one by Envy Me. This skin is called Liv Ghost skin and it is totally free.
You can also find bloody tears on Marketplace. These ones are by Repulse and they are free. You can add them to any skin you like, it is a tattoo layer.
Then I started to look for great costumes on Marketplace and I found quite a few. How about this purple outfit by KA Piercings? This set of a top and capri pants is free. The fun shoes are by ALB and they are free. The shoes are called Sinja and they are NOT for Slink feet!
And the cute hat is also from Marketplace. This hat is by Fashion the World and it is totally free. The hair is included.
I found a flying broom on Marketplace too. It is by N&B Design and this broom can really fly, up and down and forward and backward. Soooo much fun!! And free!
The next outfit is called Clarissa and it is by Kizarma & Cake bosses. The outfit comes with the boots and it is free. I am wearing a trick or treat basket with this outfit, which was free, but is now 41 L$. The bag is by LadyBunnies. However there is a Trick or Treat bag by Maiworks which is free. I blogged this bag HERE.
Then I found this very cute Halloween leotard. It is by Spankies and it is free. The scary mask is by CAT and can you believe it that this is also a freebie.
Over to a few scary tee shirts I found on Marketplace. This first one is by Chamelo Couture and it is actually a guys shirt, but fits me too, and I look scary!
The next shirt is by Guarded Cross. I love the skull decoration on it. Perfect for an evening trick or treating! This shirt is free.
And the third shirt is by Doomsday and it is called Sweet Ghost shirt. I love that ghost, it is not really scary, but it is a fun shirt to wear!
Now for those who like fun: this scary Pumpkin costume is by AXL Pro Fashion. It is totally free and it is creepy and fun at the same time. So if you want to stand out, go get this great outfit!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ready for Autumn storms?

Morning Readers.
Ok I admit this blog has a lame title. I was sitting here thinking up a title and I just saw the storm outside my window, then looked at the designer I am going to blog...StormCrow Designs, so I came up with this really lame title.
I already gave away that you will find StormCrow designs on my blog today. But there is more. These are the last days of the current round of the Designer Circle. This round runs till October 25th, so hurry if you want one of the great offers you can find there. And there is a hunt at Zuri Jewelery, so don't miss out on that one either.
Let me start with the Designer Circle. StormCrow designs has some awesome offers there! How about this great Tanya outfit? It is just 99 L$ and you get a whole wardrobe! You get a lovely legging and top with a HUD to change the colour into 6 different colours, a fur jacket in black or brown, 5 necklaces in different colours, 2 pairs of goggles, and on top of that all you also get the lovely sandals for SLINK HIGH feet. WOW....go get it!
The lovely skin is called Marita and it is by WoW skins. You can find Marita at the Designer Circle in 3 skin tones for just 99 L$ per skin tone. All appliers are available too.
The fun hair is called Judy and it is a new release by Tameless hair. Just 249 L$ for the hair, including an easy to use HUD which changes the color of the hair into 30 different hair tones.
The other offer by StormCrow Design at the Designer Circle is called Hailey and this set is also 99 L$. And what do you get? You get 2 pairs of sweaters, 2 pairs of skirts and 2 pairs of lovely high heels for SLINK HIGH feet. I am wearing bangles by Baubles by Phe with this outfit, and these bangles are also available at the Designer Circle. They are called Black Glow bangles and they are 100 L$.
Over to Eyelure. They have a great top on offer at the Designer Circle. This top comes in 5 colours (just showing you 3 of them). Each top is 99 L$.
The top goes great with the high waist pants E-Clipse has on offer at the Designer Circle. These pants are called Mimi and they come in 6 great colours. Each pair is 99 L$.
I am weraing the Black Glow bangles by Baubles by Phe with this outfit, which are available at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ per pair.
And I am wearing the gold anklet chains by Glow Design with these outfits. They are also available at the Designer Circle in silver or gold for 99 L$ per pair. These anklets are for SLINK HIGH feet.
Then I found a great jacket at the Designer Circle. It is by Sky and it is called Something HOT jacket and hot it is! Just 100 L$ for this jacket and it comes either in white or in black. The thigh high boots I am wearing with this jacket are by HollyHood and they are available at the Designer Circle in 3 colours. Each pair is 99 L$.
Last but not least: there is a Halloween hunt going on at Zuri Jewelery. There are 8 pumpkins to find, and in each one is part of a complete set. There are 4 FREE pumpkins, and there are 4 pumpkins that are 1 L$ if you are a group member (joining is 199 L$) and they are 25 L$ each if you are NOT a group member. The top picture shows you the FREE set: necklace, 2 bracelets and earrings. The bottom set is the same, but it is the paid set.
The pumpkins are all on the 1st and 2nd floor.