Thursday, 18 December 2014

There is something about Christmas time

Hi there Readers!
This is a special time of the year, Christmas time. I just love this song by Bryan Adams...something about Christmas time.
But my blog is still my blog....and today you will find some awesome offers by the Designer Circle on my blog, but also some more hunting in the Peace on Earth hunt.
But first the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till January 3rd, so you still have time to hop over and grab those awesome offers you can find there. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$!
Ashmoot has some great offers there. You can find a fun bowler hat at the Designer Circle by Ashmoot, a black jumpsuit, a sexy corset and elegant strong heels for SLINK HIGH feet.  Each item is 99 L$ which means that this complete outfit is 396 L$. It looks awesome!
However I found a few free items that might replace some of the above. Like these bowler hats (free), or these black shoes for SLINK (free) or this black outfit with corset (free) or this corset (10 L$). It might not look as beautiful as the one by Ashmoot though.
The lovely skin I am wearing is Monica Golden, make up version #4. This skin is a new release by WoW skins (NOT free) and comes in 5 great skin tones. Each skin tone comes in 5 make up versions and a natrual version.
The lovely hair is by Tameless and it is called Zaida. Zaida comes in several different packs, naturals, fades and fantasy, and each pack comes with a colour change HUD which changes the hair tone into 30 different ones. 249 L$ per colour pack including the HUD.

The next offer at the Designer Circle is by Icewerk. They have these lovely Temptation sheer overlay dresses on offer for just 100 L$ each. The dresses come in 5 great colours and the hardest part will be to decide which colour is your favorite one! The lovely stockings are included.
My last find at the Designer Circle for today are the elelant Skivvy dresses Loordes of London has on offer there. Each of these beautiful winter dresses is just 75 L$ and there are 5 great colours to chose from!
Over to the Peace on Earth Hunt. This hunt runs till January 6th and there are 117 stores to visit. There is a LINK page available (NO hints) which is helpful if you get stuck or if stores are not ready yet.
In this hunt you are looking for a blue globe (earth) with a white dove on it. All gifts are free.
I landed at #17 Nya's Store. And yes I did locate that globe at their store and inside I found this awesome little black dress with lovely sequin work all over the dress. I am wearing another hunt gift with this dress. A lovely necklace with star which is hiden inside the globe at #9 Vintage Jewels.
My next stop in this hunt was at #7 Snowpaws. I found this elegant bow dress inside the hunt globe and it is just perfect for Christmas....Do you want to unwrap me?
Another participant in this hunt is #13 OMG. If you can locate the hunt globe at their store this fun red Christmas dress is yours to wear! I am wearing another hunt gift with this dress, which you can find inside the hunt globe at #37 Delly Beams jewellery.
My last find is this beauty by #8 Styles by Danielle. So if you want to look as stylish as I do in this dress you have to go hunting is totally worth it!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas...

Morning Readers!
Back to the Advent Calendars, The Designer Circle and free stuff from Marketplace.

But first a fun Christmas song to make you smile this morning! A Hippopotamus is high on my wish list! I want a hippopotamus for Christmas!
And now to the Advent Calendars I follow.
Let me start with the Kitty Catz advent calendar. No group needed, gifts are free and previous gifts are still available. This lovely dress is the gift for day #16 and it is by BareRose.
And this is the gift for day #17, by Shai, a lovely Santa hat. It is in the same Kitty Catz Advent Calendar.
The next gifts are from the Advent Calendar by Virtual Impressions. Here you will  need a group, but it is free to join. The gifts are free and previous gifts are still available.
This is the gift for day #15, an elegant diamond watch.
And this is the gift for day #16, a colour change (with HUD) Pawprint necklace.
The next gift is from day #15 at Cero Style. This lovely boho dress is their gift.No group needed and the gifts are free. Previous gifts are still available.
The gift on day #16 is the same one as day #4., so I am not showing that one.
Alli & Ali hair have an advent calendar too and you get 2 hair do's each day. They are in snow white and you get a male one and a female one. These gifts change each day and previous ones are NOT available. No group needed, the gifts are free. These are from day #16.
The same goes for Alice Project, the previous gifts are no longer available. But you get a free hair do each day, no group needed, and you get 5 hair tones with lovely glittter details. Below you see the gifts from day #15 and #16.
Over to the Designer Circle. Morea Style has some awesome offers there! Like this elegant gown called Marylin...which is yours for just 100 L$. The gown comes with a fur but you can wear it without the fur too.
And this dress is also on offer at the Designer Circle by Morea style. It is called Lea in pearl rose and it is also 100 L$. The elegant jewellery is included.
The great  Clarissa shoes for SLINK HIGH feet will go perfectly with this dress. You can find them at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ and again they are by Morea Style.
Last one by Morea Style is this very sexy secretary look. This outfit is called Chantal in grey and you can find it at the Designer Circle for just 100 L$. The bag, earrings and sunglasses are included.
Over to Marketplace. I still have some awesome freebies in my inventory to show you. How about this very cute Bauble Hat? It is by June Trenkins and it is free.
And this awesome Christmas outfit is by Center Ville Maison and it is totally free. Even the knee pads and the boots are included, so is the hat.
Now if you want to go more formal on Christmas day or evening, take a look at the elegant Christmas gown DM Designs has on Marketplace. This beautiful Mother Christmas gown is totally free.
My last find is a more sexy one. This very sexy gown with 2 splits and in 2 versions is by Shennaz. It is totally free and it comes with an elegant fur like matching jacket. A great outfit to wear on your Christmas parties!!
The cute shoes are by VaVaVoom and they are for SLINK HIGH feet. They are free.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Some days you just need a beautiful skin, lovely make up, new hair and some awesome bling to feel great

Hi there Readers,
Today no advent calendars or Christmas stuff.
Today just a lovely new skin by the Avi Choice Award 2014 winning WoW skins.
This new skin is called Monica and it comes in 5 great skin tones. The newest skin tone is called Golden and it is a little darker than Darktan.
All Monica skins come in 5 make up versions and one natural version, on which you can wear all your favorite make up.
All Monica skins EXCEPT THE GOLDEN VERSION come with 3 different eyebrows. The Golden skin is too dark and would not look good with blond or red eyebrows.
Monica has that exotic look, a lovely mysterious glow. Somehow it feels like she is hiding a secret...
You can find Monica and all appliers you might need at the WoW skins Mainstore. (NOT free).
Then I went to Dulce Secrets and I clicked their Midnight Mania boaand got a lovely skin the next day.
Dulce Secrets also has a give away board and when I clicked it I got 2 lovely skins for free.
And last but not least Dulce Secrets has a gift skin called Orazia (free).
Well you have a wide choice of skins now! But I am sure you would like some extra make up to wear with these elegant skins. Well hop over to the Designer Circle and find the stall by L'Anguisette. They have a set with 9 intense eye shadows on offer at the Designer Circle till Januray 3rd and a set of 9 lovely matte lipsticks too. Each set is 100 L$.
And if you have put on a new skin and lovely make up....hmmm what is missing? HAIR!! Tameless has brought out lovely new hair in 3 different packs. You can chose a Natural pack or a Fantasy pack or a Fades pack. Each pack comes with an easy to use colour change HUD which changes the colour of the hair into no less than 30 hair tones! I am showing you just a few examples of the Naturals pack.
This lovely hair is called Raina and each pack is 249 L$ including the HUD.
Back to the Designer Circle for some awesome bling.
This first lovely set of hand jewellery is by FormaNails and it is called RingBlume. This lovely set is colour change, which means you can change the colour of the stones into no less than 12 different ones. 9 L$ for this beauty.
The elegant nails are also on offer at the Designer Circle. They are by Pink Cherry and you get a HUD for toes and hands.. The HUD changes the colour into 8 beautiful Diamond ones. Just 90 L$ for these huds which work with SLINK hands, the SLINK nail enhancer and SLINK feet.
Formanails has another offer at the Designer Circle, beautiful Skull bracelets in 4 colours. This set is also 99 L$.
And last but not least Baubles by Phe has a beautiful jewellery set on offer at the Designer Circle. This lovely set is called Gemstruck and you get the tiara, a beautiful necklace and a matching ring for just 100 L$.