Saturday, 20 September 2014

Let's NAIL it....

Hi there Readers!
Nails...we all look at them from time to time. We bite nails, or we don't...we lacker our nails or we go to a salon...
On Second Life it is easy: you just get new nails.
Today on my blog many nails. Some are free, some are not so free. All are for SLINK hands or for the SLINK nail enhancer. The SLINK hands are 2250 L$ for a fat pack, the nail enhancer works with system hands and it is 150 L$.
So here goes...NAILS...
These first nails are by JAM and you can find them at the Designer Circle till September 27th. There are 2 sets on offer, the first one is called Greedy and you get a hud for toes and fingers. There are 8 colours in this HUD and it is just 99 L$.
The other offer by Jam at the Designer Circle is called LauraAnn and this set is also 99 L$. You get a HUD for toes and for fingers and there are again 8 colours in the HUD.
Then there is a new Wash Cart sale at Fabfree Headquaters. Nothing on the carts is over 10 L$ and there are a lot of bargains to find. Nail me is participating in this cart sale and they have the nail huds below on offer at the Was Cart sale.
This first set is called Hot Summer Nights and it is 5 L$
This set is called Heavy metal and it is 10 L$.
This set is called Fire and Ice and it is 10 L$.
This set is called Simply red and it is 10 L$.
This set is called Awaiting Autumn and it is 10 L$.
The Cherry Bomb nails are a free gift.
Over to MARKETPLACE, one of my favorite places to shop. I found some awesome free nails on Marketplace, like these ones by AKID. They are free andf they are so much fun!!
And these nail HUDS are by Shady Ladies and they are called Sailor Jerry. They are just art pieces, zoom and and see what it on them! This set is FREE.
I found another set of nails and this one is by Shokis. These lovely glitter nails are free.
My last find for today are these nails by Melonopolis. Again you get a pedicure and a manicure HUD and it is free.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Just having FUN!!!

Hi Readers!
Today I was just having with the newest group gift my friend Nani from NS has for her group members (joining is 100 L$ but her gifts are awesome). Fun with the new suits she created, and with the new tops...and fun with the flip flops by Essenz.
And fun with some free or almost free outfits from Marketplace.
So here goes:
NS has this cute Shark sweater as a new group gift. Like I said: joining is 100 l$ but her group gifts should not be missed! The Adventure sneakers I am wearing are also by NS (NOT free).

The cute skin is Rita in darktan by WoW skins. Rita is available at the Designer Circle in 3 skin tones for just 99 L$ per skin.
The jeans are by Blackburns and you get a blue pair and a black pair for free on Marketplace.
The lovely hair is Cecelia by Tameless hair (249 L$ for a fat pack of 30 colours).
Nani also has this great Hipster Cropped top on offer at her NS store. The top comes with a HUD that changes the colour of the top into 4 colours and the complete top with hud is just 100 L$.
NS also has these great Ikat rompers as a new release. Each romper is 100 L$ and there are many colours to chose from (look below!)
I am wearing cute flip flops by Essenz with these rompers. You can find these flip flips in 6 colours at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ per pair.
The lovely jewellery set is by La Petite Perle and it is called Diamond heart. 1 L$ on Marketplace.
Then I found this awesome pose chair on Marketplace. It is by Irrie's Dollhouse and it is totally FREE!
I am wearing Blackburns jeans with these poses, which are free on Marketplace. You get a black and a blue pair.
The sweater is by Cysleek and it is totally free.
My last find for today are these J.J.Poodle jeans capri's. They are free on Marketplace. I styled them with a cute sweater by Statura. Love the hearts on this sweater! And love the's free.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

I am in higher Spheres

Hello Readers!
Today I am in higher spheres, not only because I found so many great offers today, but also because one of these offers involves spheres!
Curious? Keep reading!
Today on my blog you will see the Thursday gift by Wetherby's, but also the new Grab-A-B!asta by B!asta and a lot of great offers from the Designer Circle.
Let me start with Wetherby's. They have a new gift each day for their group members (joining is free). But that is not all. At their store you can grab matching shoes, jewellery, or fat packs of the gifts for a very low price!
You can also find offers on MARKETPLACE, WOMANITY, or TORI'S Sin.
Today this elegant Ode to Music gown is the gift.
The lovely jewellery is by La Petite Perle, Diamond heart set, which is 1 L$ on Marketplace.
And the beautiful skin is Rita in dark tan. This skin is by WoW skins and it is avbailable at the Designer Circle in 3 skintones for just 99 L$ each! Which is a steal for such a detailed skin!
The lovely shoes are Ina shoes by Aidoru. They are a new release and they come in a LOT of beautiful colours and textures. Each pair is just 100 L$, but you do need to own SLINK HIGH feet to wear these shoes.
And here she is: the lovely shy Rita. Rita is the skin WoW skins has on offer at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ per skin tone. There are 3 skintones available and you can also find all appliers you need at the Designer Circle.
I love the lovely blush Rita has....she is soooo shy :)
B!asta has a new Grab-A-B!asta untill Wednesday next week for just 50 L$. This week it is the lovely Late Summer Days Ikat dress. The cute flip flops with bow are by Essenz and they are available at the Designer Circle for just 100 L$ per pair. You have a choice of 6 colours.
Over to the Designer Circle and my higher spheres. Icons of Style have some awesome Sphere poses on offer at the Designer Circle. There are 2 packs with these Magic Spheres poses and each pack is 85 L$. The spheres are included.
There is also a HUD included to change the colour of the spheres.
I am wearing a lovely dress while I was having fun with the spheres. This cute dress is called Jungle me Jane and it is on offer at the Designer Circle by B-Dazzled. The dress comes with an enormous HUD which changes the color of the dress and also of the belt (separate). Which means you have endless possibilities to style this dress! I had so much fun playing around with it!
Just 100 L$ ladies for this dress including the hud with 33 colour options.
The lovely bangles and earrings are on offer at the Designer Circle by Baubles by Phe and the earrings are 75 L$, the bangles in 2 colours, including a ring, are just 100 L$.
And StormCrow Designs has this great jumpsuit on offer at the Designer Circle. This suit comes with a HUD that changes the colour into 6 lovely shades. A pair of glasses in 4 colours and a clutch in matching colours are included. For just 85 l$ it is yours!!
The lovely bangles by Baubles by Phe are blogged above. The necklace and earrings set by La Petite Perle are also blogged above.
And if you like to wear matching shoes with this outfit: StormCrow Designs has a matching offer for you at the Designer Circle. Lovely pumps with a HUD that changes the colour into 8 different ones for just 85 L$. You have to own SLINK HIGH feet though to wear these shoes.