Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dresses, more dresses, sunglasses, glasses and shoes ;)

Oh boy I am making a mess of my inventory at the moment. I have so many things to blog, there are so many hunts going on with great prices and there are so many group gifts coming out at the beginning of the month. And I just throw them in my inventory...But I am cleaning up now :)
But you are waiting for some nice things to add to YOUR inventory, so here goes.
This lovely dress is a gift from the MHOH (find the international female sign) at ArtMeFashion. PLEASE don't look at the Simpson hair I am wearing...I found it somewhere and I thought it might look good on the blog...
The next dress is also from the MHOH and it is by Naughty N Nice. What a lovely gift :)
Then I found this GREAT flapper dress at Starchild design. WOW so 30th, I love it. Don't you feel like dancing the Charleston in it? Find the international female sign at Starchild Design and it is yours :)
The next dress is also tempting ...it is so lovely and sexy and it is by Elite Design. This time it is a gift in the Just for FUN hunt (find the letters FUN).
While I was in the pink mood I found this lovely gown at Simply design. It is again a gift in the MHOH hunt and perfect for an evening dancing.
These shoes by La Pepa design will go great with the dress and gown above. They are yours if you find the MHOH item at La Pepa Design.
I am wearing those cute shoes with the outfit by AMKR. It is perfect for fall :) I love the warm sweater and the cute capris. Find the international female sign and you can wear it all through fall.
The next cute soes and clutch are by G&T Creations and they are also a gift in the Make Her Over hunt.
In fall you also like to wear warm socks don't you? How about these by TRS? Aren't they nice and warm? Find the MHOH item and you will have warm feet :)
I also love these UGG like boots and they are a gift in the MHOH by Bedlam.
The next shoes/boots are gifts in the Urban Girl group. Join the group and check notices. Aren't they lovely? I adore the flats :)

The next shoes are group gifts or gifts from the lucky boards at BabyMonkey. BabyMonkey has many lucky boards and lucky chairs and midnight mania boards at their store and the shoes are all very affordable, so it is really worth it to jump over and have a look :)

This lovely Bardot jumper in blue is also a group gift by BabyMonkey. The leaf earrings are a grou gift too and they are color change.

And this great tee shirt is perfect for fall, also a group gift by BabyMonkey.
Last one by BabyMonkey: the great 8.000 member group gift. A lovely pink dress and the shoes are included !

If you are wondering where I got the cute hair: it is a lucky board gift at Love Soul :) (I couldn't post the link for Love Soul, but you can copy and paste this one
Then I got these GREAT glasses in the MHOH at Kumaki. I feel so sophisticated wearing them :) If you want to have them hop over and look for the hunt item at Kumaki.
Or you could go for these glasses, hearts and pink, very romantic. They are by Steinwerk and a gift in the MHOH.
This cute bag with make up is by Sexy Design. It is a must have for all elegant and sexy ladies, your make up always at hand :) Find the international female sign at Sexy design ladies.