Monday, October 10, 2011

Breast Cancer awareness month

As this month is Breast Cancer awareness month, some designers are giving away gifts to remind all ladies of the importance of having your breasts examined.
Dahlinks is giving away a lovely pearl knotted necklace and earrings for this occasion.
I am wearing the Dahlinks jewelry set with the shirt that Ostentatious is giving away, also for Breast Cancer Awareness. It is a gift which you can find in the FabFree notices. Join the FabFree group and check.
The next outfit is by American Bazaar and it is a gift in the FLTO hunt. Find the hunt item at their store and you can either wear the jeans outfit or the short sexy dress :) The lovely necklace is a former freebie by Ganked.

Then I got this group gift for the Silhoutte group members. It is the October gift and it's a short skirt and top. However I could not wear the prim part of the skirt as it had a face light in it and the pictures turned out too bright.
This lovely gown is on the Midnight Mania board at YM Designz. There are 2 Midnight Mania Boards at the store and they both closed, so I got the blue silks too from their board.

I logged in with a MESH supporting server and tried some clothes in Mesh. I wasn't really impressed yet, the hair I tried on looked like the wooden newbie hair I had when I started in SL. But the lovely and free Kimonos by Curious Kitties are lovely :)

Then my hunting brought me to 2 great stores. The first one was Dura. They have great hair and these two styles are a group gift (joining is free) on the front counter.

The las shop was Yogi and they have a lot of Midnight Mania boards and lucky boards at the store. WOW was I lucky! I got 3 pairs of shoes !!

If you are asking what hunt I was doing: The Runway Perfect hunt :) I will blog that later, but I will show you one outfit I found there at Prism. For the Runway Perfect hunt you are looking for a ticket. Shoes are by HOC.
This cute teeshirt is a group gift by Gizza and perfect for Halloween :)
And this short sexy dress is by Lil Bitz and I found it on Marketplace :) It is a lovely Halloween dress (see the skulls on the top).
The hair is called 4Jane and it is a freebie by Alli & Ali hair, also on Marketplace.