Saturday, October 8, 2011

TWO hunts

Now I have some left overs from the Cupcakes Pumpkin hunt in my inventory but also some gifts from the MHOH. So I am going to put BOTH on this blog.
Let me start with the Cupcakes hunt, as I blooged a lot of it yesterday.
I found some more lovely goodies, like this one: spooky pumpkins. I found them inside the pumpkin (hunt item) at FD Decor.
Most of the poses I am using on this blog are by Purple Poses, Pichanga poses, or Props & poses and they are all gifts in the MHOH. Find the international female sign to get them :) And thank you pose designers :)

Then I went to House of Sanu. I simply love lollipops and YAY I got 2 there, a small one to eat and a hughe one to sit on and float.
This is the second gift at House of Sanu.
The next shop in this pumpkin hunt was Dear Alice. Dear Alice has hidden a lovely Halloween necklace and earrings set insid etheir pumpkin. You have to find 2 pumpkins at this store. Because they also have GREAT boots hidden inside one of the 2 pumpkins.

Walking over to Bubble I felt my feet hurting from all the hunting. YAY Bubble has new shoes hidden inside the pumpkin ;) That helped. The shoes are color change and you can also change them into green besides the 2 colors I have shown below.
Another pair of great shoes is hidden inside the pumpkin at Lourdes of London. Lovely pumkin colored booties :)
And these cute flats are a gift inside the pumpkin at the Lya store. Don't you love them?
A.D.D. Andel is also participating in this great pumpkin hunt. You actually get two great gifts, a pair of lovely purple flats and 2 huggy pumpkins :)

Another huggie is given away by Epic Blade. It is an angry corn huggie :)
Last one in the pumpkin hunt is by Eye Candi. They have pimpkin nails hidden inside their pumpkin.
Over to the MHOH. You have to find the international female sign to get the gifts from this hunt. If you find it at Reila skins & Fashion you will get this lovely pink sweater, perfect for cold fall weather.
If you hop over to G&T Creations and you find the international female sign there you will be the proud owner of this lovely Elora outfit.

This next outfit is called LU Biker and it is a gift in the MHOH at Silks & Passion.
I found another great outfit at Vero Modero. It is hidden inside the MHOH hunt item and I love the fur that comes with this sexy outfit.
Then I found this bikini ... not really right for fall, but I am sure there are places where it is warm atm and where ladies long for a great bikini. Find the MHOH item at Feeel and it is yours.
Another shop that gives us ladies a hughe make over is Hero Clobber. They are giving us a maid outfit...somehow I keep thinking that this is actually a gift for the GUYS.
The next shop was Nowhere. They have a lovely skirt hidden inside their MHOH item. The skirt comes in 4 nice colors. I am wearing this skirt with a shirt form the MHOH item at Eminence.
Then I went to Forme and they are not only giving away a very special dress, but also a shape. Find the international female sign at Forme ladies.
This Lapis boho dress is a gift by CSFandango. You have to find the MHOH item to get it. But then you not only get a lovely dress, you also get some really nice jewelry and flip flops.
The last one for today is this great jewelry set by Ear Candy. It is the last gift in the MHOH I had left...