Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saschas Design, Lazuri, Al Vulo, Cilian'gel, Monin Lingerie, BRD and Bubblez

At the moment there are many hunts going on for Halloween but this one is short, easy and you get a GREAT gown as a reward. Saschas Design has put 3 ghosts in their store and in each one is a part of the lovely gown below. Each part costs you 10 L$ so in the end you have paid 30 L$ for this elegant gown. They are easy to find, support has a notecard with hints. Don't forget to look at the specials at Saschas design too !
I am wearing the lovely necklace, bracelets, ring and earrings with this great gown from the Midnight Mania board at Lazuri.There is also a belt in this set.
Al Vulo has a new group gift and again it is a GREAT skin. I love the small green stars below the eye. And I love the open mouth.
Cilian'gel is participating ain a few hunts. The first one is the Seasons hunt. Find a palette at Cilian'gel and these elegant scarfs are yours.
If you are asking: "Who is that mysterious lady in the red claock?"Well that is me. I got the cloack at the Cilian'gel stall at paradise lost. There is a bag in front of the stall and inside this bag is the cloack for 0 L$.
Then Cilan'gel is also participating in the Boot iful Disaster hunt. Find the hunt item at the store and this ermm...jailbird outfit is yours.
The tee shirt below and the Halloween outfit are a gift from Cilian'gel for their group members. Just join the group and check notices.

And these cute warm halloween socks are a present send out in the Cilian'gel group but also in the FabFree group. Join either group and check notices.
This cute Halloween outfit is for sale for just 10 L$ ath the Cilian'gel store, but there is a 50 % discount atm so you have to pay only 5 L$.
Quickly hop over if you haven't found your perfect Halloween dress yet!
Movon Lingerie has a lucky board which contains this lovely lingerie set. I hope you all get lucky *giggles*.
BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) has a dollarbie and a freebie at their store, both GREAT for Halloween. Just take your pic, the kitty outfit is also very wearable without the ears and tail.

Last one for today: Milo Bubble said goodbye a while ago. The Bubblez store was closed, no where to find anymore. But they are BACK !! With a skybox filled with group gifts, lucky boards and cheap items! Look what I got there!

If you are wondering about the bike: that is also a group gift at Bubblez!.


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