Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ready for Fall?

The sun said goodbye to summer and it is cold and grey in the Netherlands today. Fall is coming, summer is over and are you all ready for the colder months? I found a few very nice fall items today. Like these GREAT puddle stompers by Babymonkey. WOW I love them, they are a group gift and they are color change with a hud. Makes you smile even on a grey day :)
BabyMonkey also has very cute boots as a group gift, in red.
The next shoes are the group gift by Mary Jane Shoes :) Lovely fall color, taupe.
And this warm scarf is the gift from Black sheep in the MHOH (find the international female sign). No need to shiver :)
Aidoru gives you warm leg warmers for fall, hidden in the international female sign in the MHOH hunt.
This nice warm top is also a gift in the MHOH and it can be found at Static Clothing Co.
Another really nice but not so warm top is the gift in the MHOH from Zenith.
If you want a nice warm outfit, hop over to Anatomy for the top and pants and then jump to Schwarz for the lovely boots to match this outfit. Both are gifts in the MHOH (find the international female sign)
The next outfit is both, warm, sexy and also wearable in summer :) Hows that for a find? Again a gift in the MHOH hunt, this one is by Karmas Kreations.

And if you feel like dancing and clubbing why don't you look for the MHOH item at Aleida? It will make you the proud owner of this lovely pink dress with the black fur.
Wild Serenity has this GREAT elegant gown hidden inside the MHOH item, perfect for a fall dance :)
Or you could go for this lovely dark green gown, which is a hunt item from the MHOH at Simply.
This outfit is by Serenity Design. It is a lovely outfit and a gift in the MHOH hunt. Find the international female sign :)
I am wearing the Serenity Design outfit with the Make Her Over Hunt items I got from BUILDWERK. Obviously they think a woman has to do chores around the house *GIGGLES*. I love the great poses :)

And now I am AFK....they are a gift in the MHOH by Cheapies & More and there is one you can wear and one you can rez inside the international female sign. The AFK sign is color change so you can match it to your outfit.


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