Sunday, October 23, 2011


Today just a mix of leftovers in my inventory. Like these 2 cute dresses by MIEL. The top dress is animated, the face changes on the dress. The lower one has a very nice pumpkin backpack.
The dresses are the newest subscibo gift at Miel and if you check the history you will see the bracelet and the snow shoes too (they are animated :) and sooo funny).
If you look close enough at the bracelet you will see my RL name :) The letters and beads are changable.

Then I went to the lucky boards of W&Y. They have 2 lucky boards and believe it or not I stood there for 3 1/2 hours and not ONE R came up on either chair. Random letters are ok, but this was really rediculous. The next day I came back and YAY I was lucky that time.
This cute dress is a freebie by Salire. Perfect for winter or fall, you can wear it with pants or with leggings. It will keep you nice and warm.
Yasmina told me about a very nice store, Passion4Fashion. She gave me a TP and showed me that all the outfits in this store are just 10 L$. Worth to hop over and take a look ladies ! I took just a few pics as samples of what they sell there.

The next  items are from the Zombie Popcorn hunt. They are all gifts in this hunt and they are yours when you find the hunt item at their store, which is a bag with popcorn and a zombie inside. When you find it at Caladesi Island Company you get this great skin and the cute black tee.

Katsuicide is also participating in the Zombie Popcorn hunt and I was so glad to find 2 of their lovely skins insdide the popcorn bag !
If you hop over to C'est la Vie you get this elegant white dress. The lace is beautifully made and you will look like a pricess in it.
Find the popcorn at FIVE and you will find this lovely red dress inside the bag :)
Shush also hid a sexy dress inside the popcorn. It is really worth looking for this popcorn bag ladies !
You can also find hair in this hunt, like the green hair I found at Iren. Perfect for Halloween :)

DUH and KHUSH are both giving away boots. DUH has hidden work boots insid ethe popcorn, and you get a male and a female version. Khush gives you the great brown Kuggs if you find the bag of popcorn.
Then I went to Purple poses to find this pose inside their popcorn bag.

The last one for today is something special. I couldn't believe I found this inside the popcorn bag at Roobix, it is so sexy and so well made..and I have never worn this little on my blog :) and still looked elegant !