Thursday, July 31, 2014

Say Aloha to Iwana.

Morning Readers!
Yesterday I went to the Aloha Fair 2014. My friend Luzie told me I had to look for surf boards there, because in those surfboards are freebies and dollarbies hidden! Thanks Luzie!
So I went there and first store I saw was by WOW skins. They have a lovely new release at the Aloha Fair called Iwana. This skin comes in 3 skin tones, 4 make up versions and one natural version. Iwana is not free, but it is an awesome new skin. The skin is almost sheer, the detailing is unbelievable! Not free but worth every L$.
The make up versions are pure and elegant, something for every occasion. Or you can wear the natural version and add your own make up.
I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize with the skin (5 L$ on Marketplace) because they resemble my real life freckles best.
However WoW skins at the Aloha Fair also has a surfboard at their store and for 1 L$ this great Didy milk natural skin & shape are yours!! All appliers are included, believe it or not!
I am wearing a cute skimpy bikini with this skin and that bikini is hidden inside the surf board at Osito. You have to pay 1 L$ to get this bikini.
And on the Aloha Fair you can find no less that 2 stores that offer you shapes inside their surf boards. The first one is Bellisima. They have 2 packs of shapes, one is called Amora and you can see those shapes below. Both packs are free. To show you what a shape does to your skin, I am wearing the Didy skin with these different shapes.
The pictures are all taken from the same point, so you can see the difference in height.
The other set of shapes is also by Bellisima and these are called Anny. You also get Star eyes with these shapes (not shown).
The other store that is offering shapes is Lumae. These shapes are totally free and you get 3 different ones! This first shape is called Delphine.
You also get SLINK nails with these shapes, I will blog them later.
This next shape is called Evie.
And the last shape by Lumae is called Nima.