Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shoes always make me happy....

Hi there Readers!
I hope on your side of the screen it isn't raining like it did all day today in the Netherlands. Summer has not really arrived yet...but it gives me more time to work on my bog. Which is a good thing because the 83rd round of the Designer Circle has started! This round runs till July 19th so you have 11 days to hop over and check out the great offers you can find at the Designer Circle. Nothing there is over 100 L$!
But let me start with Aidoru. They have a lovely new release called Cara. The outfit is just 150 L$ and the set of belt, necklace, mules AND a pair of lovely ballerinas (not for SLINK feet) is just 120 L$. For the mules you will need SLINK high feet (675 L$ per pair of feet).
I am not showing the ballerinas, but they go great with the outfit!
The lovely skin I am wearing today is Selene Dark tan version with  cleavage. The skin is by WoW skins and it comes in 4 skin tones and 5 make up styles and a natrual version. (NOT free)
Over to the Designer Circle. Essenz has some lovely shoes there...in 6 great colours. The shoes are called Atlanta and each pair is just 100 L$. You need to own SLINK Mid feet though to wear these shoes (675 L$ per pair of feet).
And these shoes you can also find at the Designer Circle. They are by Pure Poison and they are called Pin it Girl wedges. They are 99 L$ and you need SLINK MED feet to wear these shoes.
The nails are by {ZOZ} and they are called Spring 2014 and they come silver or gold tipped (NOT free).
The next shoes are called Sunflower wedges and they are by {ZOZ} . You can find them at the Designer Circle for 100 L$. Again you will need SLINK high feet to wear these shoes. The fun part is that {ZOZ} offers a set of SLINK nails (you either need the SLINK hands - 2250 L$ per fat pack, or the SLINK nail enhancer which works with regular hands - 150 L$) with sunflowers and with 8 different nail tips. This nails set is 75 L$ for a hands and a feet hud and you can find it at the Designer Circle.
Over to some fun summer outfits I found at the Designer Circle. The cute shoes and wedges above will go great with these next outfits!
These first outfits are by 1 Hundred and they are called Jane mini. You get the necessary appliers with this outfit. You can chose from 6 great colurs and each set is 95 l$.
Then I got the fun outfits by Vixen. You get a lovely body and a set of matching leg warmers for 100 L$. This outfit is called Candy and Phat ass and Lola appliers are included. I am just showing you 4 of the 5 colours (my mistake - sorry, I forgot the yellow version). You can find all colours, including the not shown yellow one, at the Designer Circle.
And my last find for today are the shorts and wide tops by Nya's Shop. The shorts are 85 L$ per colour and the tops are 75 L$ per colour. There are 5 colours to chose from. You can mix & match as much as you like, every colour shorts goes with every colour top! You can find them at the Designer Circle.