Monday, July 7, 2014

Tameless, Sakide and SLC

Morning Readers!
Today on my blog just 3 stores: Tameless with some awesome new releases, Sakide with 2 Midnight Mania boards and no less than 10 Lucky boards, and SLC with some awesome 60 L$ offers.
So let me start with SLC. They have awesome Baby doll dresses with lace on offer for just 60 L$. There are many colours to chose from, and you get a black lace undershirt and a white lace  undershirt. But you can perfectly wear the baby doll dress withour any undershirt too!
I am showing you just 3 colours, but at the store you will find many more.
And Tameless has some great new hair ladies. This week you can find Bree, Vera and Buzzed in their new release section. You all know by now that the hair comes in naturals, fades, and fantasy and all come with or without roots. Each pack of 30 colours is 249 L$ and a fat pack with all colours is 499 L$.
I am showing you just a few options.
This hair is Vera.
This hair is Bree.
This hair is Buzzed.
And my last item are the Midnight Mania boards at Sakide, and also their Lucky boards. There are no less than 10 Lucky boards at the store, there is no group needed, so you can invite your friends if their letter shows up.
Below is what I got from the Lucky boards. The Midnight Mania boards unfortunateley did not close.
This dress is called French Spring dress, and you get an almond and a cream version including the matching flats.
And this outfit is called Gangster Girl outfit, you get a grey pinstripe version and a red version, including the booties. and the Fedora