Friday, July 18, 2014

Finally SUMMER!!!

Hi Readers,
Today an old fashiond blog with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But all great offers :)
So today I am not going to start with the Hair Fair 2014, but with the newest group gift by DMZ. Joining their group is free and this beautiful (mesh) bikini in jeans is their newest gift to the group members. It is perfect for the hot weather we have in the Netherlands at the moment!
I am wearing a new release by my friend Jara from Aidoru with this bikini: lovely foot Jewels. They are NOT free (140 L$) but you get a HUD with the Jewels to change the metal into 4 textures and to change the Jewels into 8 textures! That is a whole fat pack!
Then I picked up the newest group gift at B!asta. Joining is 50 L$ but you get this great outfit (and yes those are the great foot Jewels by Aidoru again).
B!asta also has a new Grab-A-B!asta, which means they put one of their new designs for sale for just 50 L$. You can get this great Grab-A-B!asta till Wednesday so don't wait too long to hop over!
This My Hiney racer outfit comes with a HUD that changes the top into 5 different textures.
And now over to the Hair Fair 2014. This fair runs till July 27th so you still have time to go there and take a look at the lovely new releases and pick up a few freebies or dollarbies.
Wear a low lag avatar please to reduce the lag, which means: take off ALL scripted items you are wearing. Wear a full body alpha or wear simple leggings, a tee shirt and a hair base.
Now what did I find...ohhh I am drooling over the beautiful hair Analog Dog has as a gift in their store at the Hair Fair 2014. The landmark from my blog will land you at a landing point. To find the correct store copy and paste the landmark in nearby chat. Right click the landmark and chose show on map. A red Arrow will appear on your screen and will point to the spot where I found the hair.
The hair by Analog Dog is called Pop Scotch and you can wear it with or without flexi parts. You get a HUD with each hair tone to change the colour and you get no less than 7 different hair tones, ranging from black to light blonde.
Another great gift is the one by Alice Project. They give you 2 hair styles, National Anthem and National Anthem II. Both are mesh hair and they both come with a HUD to change the colours. The hair band is also colour change by clicking it. This hair also has colour change streaks which makes the possibilities to wear it enless.
This hair is National Anthem II.
This hair is National Anthem.