Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New round of the Designer Circle and HAIR again

Hi Readers,
Welcome to my blog today. The Designer Circle started a new round and this round runs till August 2nd. At the Designer Circle nothing is over 100 L$ and a lot of great Second Life designers are offering one or more of their designs there. Like GraffitiWear, they have 3 lovely dresses on offer at the Designer Circle. Lovely lace dresses in 3 great colours for just 95 L$ each. You can wear them sexy (sheer) or with pasties. Appliers are included.
I was posing in these lovely dresses in the photobox Icons of Style has on offer at the Designer Circle. There are 2 packages with boxes, each contains 3 different coloured boxes. And each box has 50 poses inside! I am showing you just a few options from the BLACK box. Ohh you want to know the price? 85 L$ per pack of 3 Photoboxes.
The lovely shoes are Olwen by BabyMonkey. They are for SLINK high feet and you get a fat pack with many colours for 400 L$.
The lovely Rhodes shoes are by Essenz and they are on offer at the Designer Circle in 6 colours for 100 L$ per pair. The shoes need SLINK medium feet (675 L$ per pair of feet).
And the elegant skin is by WOW skins and you can find her at the OMG Room for 99 L$ per skin tone. The name of this skin is Renata and I am wearing the dark tan version with cleavage option.
And then I found this very cute summer outfit. It is exactly my style, a bit boho and a lovely summer colour. This lovely Shelby outfit is on offer by Stormcrow Designs at the Designer Circle and you get the skirt, 2 different tops, the platform shoes for SLINK high feet, bracelets, sunglasses and a cell Phone for just 99 L$.
StormCrow Designs also has a pair of great yellow sandals with Jewels on offer at the Designer Circle. They are for SLINK flat feet and they are just 75 L$.
Oh and I have one gown left from my shopping spree along Marketplace. This lovely glittering gown is by Ally Adventure and this gown is totally free. It is a mesh gown and it sparkles bright. You will so shine in it.
Over to the Hair Fair 2014. This fair runs till July 27th so don't wait too long to go grab the lovely gifts or the new designs you can find there!!
Now where to start?? How about with ChiChickie? They have a lovely gift at their Hair Fair store called Sherry. This lovely hair in many colours is totally free. And the lovely red shoes are also free.
If you are using the landmark from my blog you will land at a landing point at the Hair Fair 2014. Now how to find the right store? Just copy and past the landmark in nearby chat and then right click the landmark. Chose show on map and a red Arrow will appear on your screen pointing directly at the spot where I found the store/hair. You can walk or fly there (teleporting is not possible).
ChiChickie also has some awesome new releases at the Hair Fair 2014. Below I am showing you a few examples of what is new.
This hair is called Fontaine.
And this hair is called Lisa.
And the last new release by ChiChickie is Kassandra.
Then I landed at Oblivion and they have this beautiful hair called White laces and Pearls as a gift. The hair comes in 5 hair tones and you can wear it with or without the long tail.
This next hair is by MiaMai. You get a lovely up do in several colours, which you can change with a HUD. The hair bases are included.
And this last hair was blogged by me before. It is by RosyMood and comes in 3 hair tones. 1 L$ for this lovely hair. But in fact I wanted to blog the cute cowboy hats, which are a gift at the Hair Fair by Agrace. You get all 3 colours.