Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A new skin, free hair and free shoes?

Good morning Readers!
Today I will just start with a new released skin by WoW skins. This beauty is called Melodia and the skin comes in 4 skin tones and ech skin tone comes in 5 make-ups and a natural version. Melodia is not free, but it is a great skin to wear. It has a beautiful glow and the detailing is perfect. Below you can see all versions with all make-up versions. (NOT free)
Now with a new skin I am sure you want some new hair. However, the skins are not do you still have L$ left to pay for hair? If not: just hop over to EMO-tions and find their gifts. There is no group needed for these hair do's they are just there for everyone to pick up!
This hair is called Antonia.
And this hair is called Vivien.
The next hair is called Icecold.
And the last gift hair is called YAY Pippi.
Then I went to Baby Monkey. They have some awesome shoes and some awesome clothes! And from time to time they have a free-to-join-the-group weekend. The enrolmentfee is 250 L$ but Pixie is a very generous designer: you get awesome group gifts, there are plenty Lucky chairs around the store and also some Midnight Mania boards.
Below are the latest group gifts, so you can decide if you like to join or wait for a free to join weekend. And for those who don't want to join: on the front counter are a lot of pink bags with free stuff. Amongst them are the Advent gifts from 2013, which is a complete set of several outfits and shoes and jewellery.
These first items, Mina shoes in all colours (they come with a colour change hud - 12 colours and you can chose for a cork sole or a sole in the shade of the shoe), a set of ribbed tanks (16 colours) and a jewellery set (10 colours) are from the Midnigth Mania boards at BabyMonkey. No group needed for these boards.
And these are the latest group gift at BabyMonkey.
Adele shoes in white (SLINK mid feet needed), Daisy slides in many colours (SLINK flat feet needed), nail polish in many elegant colours (SLINK hands or SLINK nail enhancer needed) and
And these Leana shoes for SLINK mid feet are from the Lucky chairs at Baby Monkey.