Wednesday, July 23, 2014

50 shades of SKINS !!

You won't believe how many skins are on my blog today Readers!
Some are free, some are expensive, some are awesome, some are not so awesome, some come with a shape, some are just skins only. But keep in mind that even if you don't like a skin or shape, others might love it. So I hope today you will find a skin and/or shape you like on my blog.
Let me start with an exclusive skin. At Project Limited every offer will just be sold in a limited amount, and from this lovely skin just 50 will be sold from each skin tone. Just think of it: Only you and 49 other SL users will have this beautiful skin!
This skin is called Lana and it is by WoW skins. Lana comes in 4 skin tones and each skin tone comes in 5 make-ups and a natrual version. You can find this beauty at Project Limited untill 50 are sold. So don't wait too long to go grab them ....
I am showing you the Lana skins on my regular shape. However the first picture shows also the Lana shape, which is also available at Project Limited.
And if you like the WOW skins but the price of this exclusive skin is a bit too steep for you...why don't you hop over to the Designer Circle? Till August 2nd you can find this lovely Najma skin in 3 skin tones and you can chose a natural or a make up version because you get both for just 99 L$ per skintone!
At the Designer Circle you can find another great skin and this one is by 7 Deadly S[k]ins. This lovely skin is called Dawn and you can chose for a V1 or a V2 version. Each is 99 L$. Again: this offer is till August 2nd.
7 Deadly S[k]ins has a lovely group gift skin this month ladies. Joining the group is 150 L$ but you get a free new skin each month!
The lovely hair is a new release by Tameless and it is called Evie (249 L$ for a fat pack of 30 hair tones).
Talking about group gifts: Al Vulo has a new group gift. I was truly surprised because there hadn't been a group gift since February, but this skin is awesome again. It is called Diva Olive and all appliers are included!
And then I decided to find a few free skin on Marketplace. I found 10, so here goes. Unless I mention you have to pay for these skins, all are free.
This first skin is a pack of 3 and it is by Deviant Style. The package is called Queens Pack and the skins are awesome, all 3 of them. NO shape included.
And this skin is by Go & See and the skins and shape are called Wanted. As you can see the picture on Marketplace is way different than mine.
I found this skin & shape on Marketplace and it is by Imagine and it is quite nice. The skin looks different if you use another shape.
Another skin from Marketplace is this one by Entice. This skin is called Adda. You get not only the skin & shape, you alse get 3 make up layers to wear!
I also found some Ethnic skins, and this one is by Kemdi. This skin is called Airelia and this is the Ebony tone. There are lighter tones for free available to at the Kemdi Marketplace store.
Red Sand also has some awesome ethnic skins on Marketplace, This skin is called Spring 2014 gift and you get 2 skin tones for free. Lovely!
Then I found another free skin by Red Sand, and this one is called  Winterland woman skin. You get 2 versions and both are very light but great to wear.
This next skin is called Lana and it is by Shine. To my surprise you get 3 shapes with this skin so you can chose which one you like best.
This skin is called Noelia. It is by SamuelX and you don't only get the skin and shape, you get a complete avatar!! Which is great and totally free.
And if you like Asian inspired skins take a look at this skin by Hiyori. It is a beautiful skin with Asian influences.
Talking about Asian Inspired skins...I found quite a few at Mother Goose. They have no less than 57 Lucky boards with skins! The letters change every 3 minutes so your letter will show up fast I am sure. Look what I got there below...and TP your friends in for some more skin fun!