Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hair Fair 2014 ....only Alli & Ali and OhMai

Hi Readers,

Just two stores to visit today and that is the Alli & Ali store and OhMai at the Hair Fair 2014. Why? Because the free gift by Alli & Ali contains so many hair styles you won't believe it! And I couldn't resist to blog the fun birdcages you get at OhMai. With a loudly singing bird! You can turn it off however if it annoys you.
If you use one of the landmarks of my blog you will land at a landing point on the Hair Fair 2014. What to do to find the right store? Just copy and paste the landmark in nearby chat at the landing point. Then right click the landmark in chat and chose show on map. A red Arrow on your screen will point to where I found the gift and you can walk or fly there.
Here is hair from Alli & Ali and it is called Guinevere. You can wear it short or long. And the birdcages by OhMai.
The Hair Fair 2014 ends on July 27th.
Below is what I got at the Alli & Ali store , with the name of the hair on the picture.
Each style comes in just one colour but you can change the colour a bit in Edit.