Friday, July 11, 2014

Time for a change

Morning Readers!
It's time for a change, but you will have to wait till the end of my blog today to see what changed...because I am going to start with the newest round of the Designer Circle. In this circle a lot of great Second Life Designers offer one or more of their designs for a price below 100 L$. Their current round runs till July 19th so you still have 8 days to go get them!
Let me show you what I got today!
First I fell for the lovely Mondina boho gowns E-Clipse has on offer at the Designer Circle. The gowns come in 8 versions and they are 99 L$ each. There is a lovely beach hat available too, for 75 L$. The hat comes with a HUD which changes the band on the hat.
With this lovely outfit I am wearing the Summer Blossom jewellery set by Baubles by Phe. This set is available at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ (earrings, necklace and ring).
The cute shoes are also on offer at the Designer Circle. They are by Sky and you get a choice of 2 versions: tan and tan & tomato. Each pair is 100 L$ but you will need to own SLINK high feet to wear these shoes.
The beautiful skin is Selene dark tan CL option make up version #2 by WOW skins (NOT free).
The bob hair is by Tameless and it is called Rita (NOT free).

And then I saw these cute dresses by BlahBLAHblah at the Designer Circle. This dress is just 85 L$ but you get a HUD with it which changes the texture into 5 different ones! That is like buying a whole fat pack!. The name of the dress is Blaire ruffled dress.
I am wearing the Summer Blossom jewellery set by Baubles by Phe with this dress too. You can find it at the Designer Circle for 100 L$.
And WoW skins has a beautiful new skin on offer at the Designer Circle. As you all may have noticed: I am wearing WOW skins on my blog all the time. They are perfect, perfectly detailed and perfectly in skin tones. Usually the skins are not cheap, they are worth every Linden dollar though. But sometimes, like with this offer at the Designer Circle, you can find a bargain! This skin is called Noure and you can chose from 3 skin tones. The skins are just 99 L$ each and all appliers are available at the Designer Circle too.
Over to Chop Zuey. They have new group gifts out! There is a lovely set for group members called Freedom Angel. You get a pair of earrings, bangles and a choker. The enrolment fee for the group is however 350 L$. But for those who aren't a group member the bangles of this set are FREE!
Now to my change....usually I am very satisfied with my looks. But don't you have (just like me) days that you think: how would I look with black hair? With another skin? With different clothes? Well I had a day like this...and actually it started because I found this awesome hair on Marketplace. The hair is by Cheveux and it is 1 L$. You get a blond and a dark blond version.
Now with this new hair I wanted an outfit that I usually would not wear. A line of the Beach Boys song California girls came to mind: Those Midwest Farmers daughters....and yes I got a Midwest farmers daughters outfit from Marketplace, by Luckenbach Texas. This outfit is free. 
But then again, I like more posh dresses I found this lovely floral dress by IAF on Marketplace. The dress is free and you can wear it with a lower or a higher waist.