Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weekend shopping trip

Morning Readers!
It is Saturday and on Friday the 60 L$ offers and the weekly half price gown offer at Sascha's Designs change, so I am going to start my blog with those today. Then some awesome shoes by Aidoru. And after that some more Hair Fair 2014 - the gift and the new hair styles by Tameless, so keep reading!!
Sascha's Designs has some awesome new 60 L$ offers ladies. This week you can find a lovely mesh dress called PishPosh in yellow for 60 L$, or a beautiful (mesh) black and white corset gown called Celestine, or a pair of pants with a white top and an over the shoulder sweater, called Anna in pink. All just 60 L$ each.
The lovely foot Jewels are called Dream and they are by Aidoru. You get a hud with these shoes to change the metal into 4 different ones, or change the Jewels into 8 colours. 140 L$ for these beautiful Jewels.
The beautiful skin I am wearing is Selene by WOW skins. It is the darktan version with cleavage, make up #2. NOT free but worth every L$.
Each week Sascha's Designs offers one of their best selling gowns for half the regular price. This week you can get the lovely Temptation in yellow for just 275 L$ including all the skirt options. You can wear this gown short and sexy of elegant and sophisticated. Even a long sleeved jacket is included for colder evenings!
Over to Aidoru. These beautiful Emma shoes are for SLINK high feet and they are great. Inside the sole is a starfish and sand, sooo very beautiful. These shoes are not free, but very afforadble.
Then I found the store by Tameless at the Hair Fair 2014. They have a beautiful gift at the Hair fair, this great bob is called Beatrice and you get a fat pack with all colours for free. Just showing you a few options.
If you use the landmark from my blog, you will land at a landing point at the Hair Fair 2014. Copy and paste the landmark into nearby chat. Then right click the landmark and chose: show on map. That way a red Arrow on your screen will point to the exact spot where I found the hair/store.
Then Tameless has a few very cute new releases at the Hair Fair 2014. All of their hair comes in Naturals, Fantasy or Fades and all come in a regular version and in a roots version. Each pack of about 30 hair tones is 249 L$.
This first hair is called Lana. I am showing you just a few options from the natural colour pack.
And this new release is called Lilly. Showing you a few options from the fantasy colour pack.
And this new release is called Marie. I am showing you some options from the fades colour pack.
This hair is called Remi and the hair bases are included. It is also a new release, so NOT free. I am showing you a few options of the natural colour pack with fantasy streaks.
And the last new release for today is Sybill. I am showing you some options of the fades roots colour pack.