Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July and free shoes.

Hi there readers!
Today just a blgo about 4th of July. And mainly all I am blogging today is free or 1 L$! So let me quickly start with the cute outfit Random Rosie has for just 1 L$ on Marketplace. You get a great cropped top and a pair of cut off shorts.
And this lovely gown by Cherie Couture is also 1 L$. The animated flag is included. you can franticly wave or just elegant like a princess...or hold the flag down.
The cute shoes are by Orange Blossom designs and they are free.
That was actually the only gown I found in my search for 4th of July outfits. I found a few very cute dresses though, like this one by Mitsouko. This lovely 4th of July dress comes with the shoes, the jewellery and the clutch for just 1 L$
The next dress is by Glamorize and it is an American Flag dress which is 1 L$. The cute earrings are by Topaz square and they are free. And the fun hat is by VIPS creations and it is free.
Over to the next dress, which is by Soulglitter and you get a red Independence Day dress and a blue one too, for just 1 L$.
The cute American Flag earrings are free and they are by Topaz Square.
And this dress, made of the American Flag is by Brandenburgs. The dress comes wirh the belt and it is free. The cute shoes are blogged above.
The next outfit is not a dress, but a cute American skirt with ruffles, which is by MDL and it will set you back 1 L$ if you want to wear it. I styled the skirt with a cute set of tops by MOD. You get 2 lace tops, one in blue and one in red. 1 L$ for this lovely 4th set.
Over to my last dress for today, this cute ultra mini dress is by PYNKZ and it is totally free. You get a mini dress, a pair of shorts to wear with the dress and even the cute shoes are included. I am ready for some fireworks!
I didn't only find dresses. I also found cute 4th of July tops and also awesome pants. How about this pair of jeans by Blackburns (free, you get a black pair and a blue pair) and the lovely top by Nada's. Isn't that perfect for today? The top is free.
The cute shades with Flag design are by Role Optic and they are free.
Or you can go for red lace top I blogged above with the Panties Heart, which are by Formis Designe. The high waist pants are free.
I even found some complete sets with pants & top. This next set is by Phoenix Fashions and is it 1 L$. The top, bra and jeans are included.
The cute chucks in red are free and they are by Assylum in your Embassy.
You could also decide to wear these sneakers with the tops & pants. They are by T&C Creations and they are 1 L$.
Then I got this cute American set by KC. It is 1 L$ and you get the great tanks and a pair of perfect jeans for that amount.
To wear with the jeans I found a cute American Mesh vest. It is by Posy and it is 1 L$.
The next ouitfit is kinda a onecie. It is by Simtimacy and it is very sexy. Are you daring enough to wear this great outfit??
I would get rid of the awful boots though and get a pair of better boots to wear with this set. Maybe these ones by Blackburns (free) or these ones by ThankYouVeryMesh (free).
Over to something else....I found a few great bikini's for the 4th of July. How about this one by Maple Leaf Canada? You won't only get an awesome bikini but also 2 great beach towels (not animated). The set is free.
And this bikini is by BabyCakes. The sweet tattoo on the belly is included.
Talking about tattoos...this American Flag Tattoo is by Inkheart and it is free. You can also get all other flags from all countries for free : here is the LINK.
My last find for today are some cute shoes by Yogi. They have 2 Midnight Mania boards and several Lucky boards and awesome gifts at their store. Below is what I got there, all for free with a litte patience.