Friday, June 6, 2014

Ready to help a good cause?

Morning Readers,
I don't ask you too often to do something for a good cause, but today I am going to make an exception. Sascha from Sascha's Designs has created a wonderful red gown with several skirt options and a lovely shawl option. She is selling this lovely gown for just 199 L$ BUT...100% of this amount is going directly to Hope for Paws. You can find all info about HOPE FOR PAWS here, it is an organization that saves animals. So it is a win-win situation, you will buy a lovely gown and support a good cause, the animals will benefit from your buy and we all will have a great feeling!
The lovely hair I am wearing is Rita, a new releasey by Tameless hair (249 L$ for a fat pack of natural colours).
The elegant skin is Rowena dark tan by WoW skins, which is available at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ per skin tone. There are 3 skin tones to chose from and appliers are also available for 99 L$ each.
I am also showing you the newest group gift by Sascha's Designs. This lovely gown is free for group members. Joining is 100 L$ but you will get all previous group gifts, which means you will get about 73 outfits. 100 L$ well spend I would say!
There are extra skirts you can buy with each monthly gown. They are 75 L$ each and they are just SKIRTS, you wear them with the top of the free monthly gown. Showing you the options below. You can find them next to the free monthly gown at Sascha's Designs.
Then I went to the Designer Circle to pick up that lovely Tropical Watercolour dress GraffitiWear has on offer there. This lovely dress is just 99 l$ and I am wearing the cute handbags by Beppin with this dress. These handbags can be found at the Designer Circle for just 70 L$ each and you have a choice of 3 lovely colours.
My next stop was D!va. They don't have new group gifts anymore, but they do have 2 Lucky boards and I was so lucky to get both the lovely hair do's on the board. Even the unpacking was a pleasure as you can see on the top picture, isn't that cute to unpack your gifts that way?
The beautiful jewellery is the newest group gift by Lazuri. Joining their group is 250 L$ but it is totally worth to join if you take a look at all their lovely group gifts!
This lovely hair would have gone great with the lovely long skirts and teh cropped top I got from the Lucky boards at Little cat green eyes. The store that has many Lucky boards is SMC. Even the cute nerdy red glasses are from their lucky boards.
SMC also has a lot of Lucky boards with shoes for SLINK feet is worth to stand there a while and grab those shoes for free as soon as your letter shows up! They vary from sandals for flat feet, through block heeled shoes for mid feet and pumps for high feet. You have to own the SLINK feet though (675 L$ per pair).
My friend Jara told me about 2 other pairs of shoes for SLINK feet. These first ones are the group gift by Gemmin. Joining the group is free and these lovely see through shoes will be yours. (for SLINK high feet).
And these last shoes are from a hunt. If you hop over to Miss Canning and go find a butterfly at their store. You can buy this butterfly from the TPBH hunt for 1 L$ and inside you will find these lovely pink shoes for SLINK high feet.