Monday, June 9, 2014

I want to get it free....

Hi there Readers!
Actually I was listening to the Queen song: I want to break free...and while browsing through my inventory I kept singing: I want to GET IT free....well I have some offers from the Designer Circle for you today, which are NOT free but they are still great offers. And the rest of my blog is free.
So let me start with the lovely skin by WoW skins I am wearing today. This skin is called Rowena and you can get 3 skin tones at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ each!
With this skin I am wearing elegant hair by Tameless, called Zaida in ruby colour. 249 L$ per fat pack of natural colours.
And the cute Endless Summer outfit are on offer at the Designer Circle by 1 Hundred. The top and the Cheeky pants are 95 L$ each and they come both in 4 colours.
Then I got another really summer outfit which is on offer at the Designer Circle by Eyelure. This mini skirt and mini top are 88 L$ each and there are 4 colours to chose from.
The fun Namah leg jewellery is by Baubles by Phe and you can find this jewellery at the Designer Circle in gold, bronze or silver. Each item is 100 L$.
WoW skins has a lovely new group gift, a skin called Poison. Joining the WoW group is 350 L$ but you get a new free skin each month and all previous gifts are still available too. Besides that: you also can click one of their 18 Lucky boards (group only) and their 2 Midnight Mania boards.
Over to Chichickie. They have a new released hair do and it is called Aneris. As usual one colour of this new release has been send to subscribo members (a dark red one this time, which I am wearing on the pictures below). As always, the new releases are on sale for the next several days for only 95L for a FATPACK!
With this fun hair I am wearing a lovely pink ribbon necklace by Cyllan. Which is free.
And this necklace goes great with the fun grey/purple romper by Destroyer. It is free...and it is perfect for long summer days! The elegant silver bangles are by [DH] and they are also free.
The next outfit is by M&M Female clothes. This sexy set of capri jeans and a cropped top is free.
The lovely shoes are by Klepsydra and you can find them at the Designer Circle in 6 colours for 100 L$ each.
And this sexy leotard in which I do my ballet exercises is free on Marketplace. It has a lovely crystal dragon on the front, which makes my work out much more fun! It sis by Spankies and it is free.
Then I got this elegant cocktail dress by Corvus. It is called Red Roses vines and it is just perfect for a night clubbing! (free)
And this dress is by Forever summer. I just love polka dots and this one come sin black & white polka dots! Perfect for a shopping spree in Paris!! This dress is free!
Forvever summer has another free gown at their Marketplace store. Can you see yourself in this lovely boho dress, walking along the waterline on the beach? Or strolling along the boulevard in the evening?