Saturday, June 14, 2014

OMG it is weekend again!

Hi there Readers, welcome to my blog today!
So what will you find here? Well today I am going to show you the newest 60 L$ offers and the newest half price gown offer by Sascha's Designs. And I am showing you the Reign shoes which they have in their Gatcha at the Hello Sunshine fair. And the cute shoes Ecco has at the Thrift store. And some freebies and cheapies you can find at the OMG Room. And some gatchas Aidoru has at the Gatcha Happy festival. And the Ponte Vecchio Fair.
So let me start with the new 60 L$ offers Sascha's Design has this week. There are 3 new ones you can chose from, an elegant pink Salsa dress called Evi, or a beaitiful blouse called Zenobia in beige, or a fun yellow dress called Lemontastic. Each just 60 L$.
The lovely jewellery is a new release by Lazuri, and this set is called Heritage. As you can see ont the pictures the set is colour change (NOT free).
The lovely skin is Selene in dark tan (Make up option #2) and this skin is by WOW skins. You can find Selene at the Thrift store. (NOT free).
The elegant shoes are Angel shoes by ZOZ and they were on offer at the Designer Circle some time ago. You can find them at the ZOZ mains tore now (NOT free).
Sascha's Designs also has one of their best selling gowns for half the regular price each week. This week you can get the sexy (cause very sheer) Teazy in cream. Just a beauty that you should not miss in your inventory. The Teazy is just 275 L$ this week only and you get all skirt options shown below and the shawl too for this price.
Then the Gatcha Happy fair starts tomorrow and Aidoru is taking part in this Gatcha event.
Aidoru has some awesome gatchas there, like the Lucky Aria tops and the matching pants. And each part form the Venus jewellery set is also in the gatcha machines, including the lovely Roses for my Queen flats.
The sexy liongerie set can be found at the Aidoru store at the fair.
The next shoes are from a 50 L$ Gatcha at the Hello Sunshine Fair. The sandals are by Reign and there are many nice colours to win! You will need the SLINK flat feet though to wear these shoes. (675 L$ per pair of feet).
I was so Lucky to win these lovely red sandals! You get the silver and the gold version.
Over to the Thrift store. Ecco has a wearable DEMO there (which means you can wear the demo shoes without them showing DEMO or anything else funny) for just 10 L$. You get the plain version and the cork sole version. You will nee dthe SLINK mid feet though to wear these shoes (675 L$ per pair of feet).
And Ashmoot is having a Ponte Vecchio Event where you can find many bargains. Each participant will have a 50 L$ special and there are gifts to find too! Ashmoot has this sexy lingerie set as a gift at their store on this event.
My last find is from the OMG Room. JK style has this great top and pants set there for just 1 L$. Just walk to the back of the store and look at the gifts and cheapies that are on the floor there. The JK style one is in a dotted box.
The top and pants come with a colour change HUD which changes the top into 6 colours and the pants into 2 colours. WOW what a gift!