Tuesday, June 10, 2014

OH NO...more SHOES....

Morning Readers,
I hope you are not getting mad at me but lately I find so many shoes. I must admit I bought the SLINK feet, just because I found so many shoes for a low price or even free! So today on my blog you will see a lot of shoes. But also beautyful nails. And boho skirts and blouses. And cute shorts.
Did I get you interested?
Well here goes...

I am going to start with the Designer Circle. ZOZ has some awesome shoes there for SLINK mid feet (657 L$ per pair of feet, which is a rather steep price, but if you have to buy SHOES the price for good quality is also high).
These shoes are called Nora and you get a pack of 4 colours for just 99 L$.
ZOZ also has some awesome nails on offer at the Designer Circle. You get a pack for hands and for feet and inside are no less than 12 colours! the nails are called Romantic Sparks and the hud is 95 L$ (you have to have SLINK hands or feet or the SLINK nail enhancer for hands to use these nails - 150 L$ for the enhancer and 2250 L$ for a fat pack of hands).
Then I went to Tameless and they have some awesome new shoes for SLINK feet. They have released 3 lovely new styles, and the shoes come with a colour change hud, which gives you endless possibilities to change the colours and adjust them to your outfits. Each pack is 199 L$ including the HUD.
Below you can see the new styles: Stupid Cupid with hearts, All that Glitters with glitter, and Animal Nature with animal print.
I could not resist to go back to the Kiyomizu shopping mall. There are plenty Lucky boards there with SLINK shoes but also with lovely boho skirts and blouses and even cute Cheeky pants are there to win. Just wait till your letter comes up...or TP your friends in!
Below is all I won there...totally free and no group needed. The shoes are for SLINK mid and SLINK flat feet.

I also did some shopping on Marketplace and I found some great shoes there. These cute shoes are by M-Nus and they are for SLINK mid feet. 1 L$ for these lovely pumps.
And these shoes are by Stelloane. They come in several colours but the pink and the teal ones are just 1 L$ per pair! Go get them before they are sold out ladies!!