Tuesday, June 17, 2014

From Japan to Holland

Hi there Readers,
Today I am going to take you on a journey from Holland to Japan or vice versa. So get ready to travel!
On my blog you will see some free things I picked up on the Kiyomizo Sim, where I got some awesome shoes from the many Lucky boards there. I blogged those HERE. And I got a great gift from my friend Nani from NS designs. She also has some great new releases. And last but not least I got some great outfits to wear while you are watching the Soccer World Championship.
Let me start with SOCCER.
OK I am not a big fan, but Holland is participating and doing quite well till now. Yes yes, I know they only played ONE game...but hey they scored 5-0!
Jara from Aidoru made this fun Hup Holland Hup outfit (80 L$ including the great make up). And NS design is giving away this great soccer ball, which is animated and makes you dance!!

I have a lot of Sascha's Designs clothes and just for the Soccer World Championship I grabbed a top from the Pumpkin gown, a Shiloh skirt and a black high belt (all by Sascha's Designs) and made myself an orange Cheer outfit. Orange is the Dutch national colour. Just browse through your inventory ladies and with a little creativity you can make your own cheer outfit for your favorite team! I am ready for the next match on Wednesday!
NS Designs also has this great Happy summer top for just 150 L$ at their store.
And you can find this Sunny hot top including the HUD that changes the colour of this top at NS Design for just 100 L$.
Last new release by NS Designs are these great ballet strap shoes. Actually not really shoes, but they are great to wear! They come with a HUD to change the texture and colour in a lot of options. I am showing you just a few. And I hear you whisper: how much? 100 L$ ladies but you do need to own SLINK high feet (675 L$ per pair) to wear these ballet straps.
Over to the Kiyomizu sim. You can of course stand at the Lucky boards for a while. But you can also walk around and grab those freebies you can find in several shops. The sim is very nice and you will feel like you are in Japan on a shopping spree.
This cute outfit (skirt & top) is by Minor and it is free.
The cute Ahoy sandals for SLINK flat feet  are from te gatcha machine Reign has at the Hello Sunshine fair. 50 L$ per try.
And these cute dresses are free by Aiko. You get both versions. The red & black kimono is also free.
And my last find: this lovely purple gown is by Hi Style and it is also free.