Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bliss and B!asta and EMO-tions

Morning readesr and Happy Sunday!
Today on my blog just a few stores so your TP finger won't hurt after reading my blog. EMO-tions has a new group gift and while I was there I saw I missed one of their group gifts, so those 2 hair do's are on my blog today. And B!asta has a new gift at Fabfree Headquaters (no group needed)...but that is not all. They also have a new Grab-A-B!asta (50 L$) at their store and they have a cute summer outfit at Collab Kit #99. And then we have the never ending closing sale at Bliss. It is almost a year now, I think I blogged this closing sale on June 23rd last I wonder if they ever really are going to close. But they still have some awesome group gifts at their store and those are on my blog today.

But let me start with B!asta. This lovely summer outfit called At the Seashore is available at Collab Kit #99 for just 60 L$. The cute hat is not included, those hats you can find on Marketplace in no less than 7 colours. They are by Curious Kitties and they are free.
And this is the gift by B!asta at Fabfree Headquaters. As I said before: no group is needed and it is just a great outfit!
This Grab-A-B!asta is 50 L$ at the B!asta main store and it is called Sterling Stars.
The cute shoes are by Kink. If you join their group (free) you get a store credit of 250 L$ and you can spend it on anything you like. I got these very cute (Slink High) shoes. The SLINK high feet are 675 L$ per pair though...and you need them to wear these shoes. You can spend the store credit on anything you like though.
With the outfit above I am wearing a new released jewellery set by Freya's Finest. This lovely set is called Silver Sun and besides the earrings, necklace and ring you also get a belly ring. (NOT free).
Then I got those 2 great group gifts by EMO-tions. This first hair is a new group gift and it is called Kendra. The natural version is free, but it is modify so I changed the colour in edit (I am a redhead after all).
And this is the hair do I missed, called Honny.
Over to the never ending closing sale at Bliss. They are closing for exactly one year now. And I wonder if they ever really are going to close?
But there are still bargains to find and there are still group gifts (joining is free).
This is what I picked up: a lovely Kimono inspired dress (group gift - joining is free).
And this lovely sheer gown is also a group gift.
Last but not least this cute layered dress is also a group gift. The lovely shoes are by Hollyhood and they are called Pricilla. They are for SLINK High feet (the shoes - 250 L$ nor the feet - 675 L$ are free).