Monday, January 13, 2014

The Designer Circle round #71 and an odd find from Marketplace.

Morning Readers,
The 71st round of the Designer Circle has started and you all know by now that you can get so many great offers there! Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$. This 71st round runs till January 25th, so time is limited. Don't wait too long to hop over there!
And what did I find there? Well I just love this cute Roza jacket by [[Masoom]]. It is a MESH jacket and you can grab it for just 95 L$ at the Designer Circle. [[Masoom]] also offers a pair of matching pants and top for 95 L$ (not shown).
The pants I am wearing are from Marketplace and they are by Blackburns (free). You get a black and a blue pair.
The elegant top is by Sascha's Designs, called Milou, and it comes in packs of 3 for just 199 L$.
The necklace is by Kunglers and it was a gift in the Peace on Earth hunt (hunt is over).
I am wearing another Milou top with the next pair of Flouncy pants. They are on offer at the Designer Circle by WickedNight. You can get 4 different colours and they are 99 L$ per pair.
The lovely jewellery I am wearing with the pants and the top are by Baubles by Phe. They have these awesome bracelets on offer at the Designer Circle for 100 L$. And they also have a set of 4 different coloured earrings on offer at  the Designer Circle for 100 L$ per set. Which means 25 L$ per pair!
WicketNight also has some great ankle boots on offer at the Designer Circle ladies. These boots come in 4 colours and they are 100 L$ per pair.
Over to Marketplace. I found this store omn Marketplace called 7Five. And there is something really strange going on with this store. I got ALL the outfits I am showing you below for FREE. Then just 1 day after I got them and I wanted to blog them, all the items were 75 L$. With a name 7Five that would make sence. And 75 L$ is not too much for a lovely good fitting outfit. Too bad that not all their outfits fit well though (read the reviews).
And now, again 2 days later every outfit is 175 L$! I don't think most of the outfits are worth that much. But Judge for yourself. my surprise, just after I blogged this, all prices are back to 75 L$.....

KIM suit - colour change with hud.
The lovely Twinky bag is free and it is by JPK.
 Kira skirt only in ONE colour, with Striped tank (with colour change hud)
 Striped tank (with colour change hud) and Skinny jeans (with colour change hud)The cute flats are a fatpack by PM and they are free.
I also got the Mina jeans (just one colour) and the Molly shirts (come with colour change hud). I had to wear the XL size shirts, even though my boobs are rather small.
These Lively dresses didn't fit at all. The Alpha is too big and thus you have gaps on your boobs. NOT sexy at all.