Thursday, January 9, 2014

Designer Circle Round #70, nails and dirty texts on shirts.

Morning Readers,
I just will keep you informed about my struggle with Windows 8.1 and my new PC. I still haven't figured out how Windows 8.1 works, and the colours of my pictures in Photoshop are way different than on my old PC, so I have NO idea how they will look online. Please let me know if the pictures are too light, too dark or blurry?
Anyway, let me start with my blog. The 70th round of the Designer Circle runs till January 11th so you don't have much time left to go pick up those lovely goodies they have there. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ !
Let me show you what I found there.
This lovely outfit is by B!asta and it is called Snow Flurry and it comes in 6 great colours. Just 65 L$ for each outfit ladies, that is a steal!! You can find it at the Designer Circle!

B!asta also has a Grab-A-B!asta and this Snow Flurry outfit is their offer this week. You can grab it at B!asta for just 50 L$ (just this colour).
Back to the Designer Circle. You can also find this more than elegant dress there which is on offer by Kanou. The dress comes on 4 great colours and it is called Sofia. You can grab it for just 80 L$.
Over to [[A.R.C. + F.N.]]. It is the shop by my friend Glimmie and she has some awesome Gatchas at her store. One is with great nails. You need the SLINK hands or nail enhancer to wear the nails, and you can get that enhancer at SLINK for 150 L$. Each try at the Gatchas is 20 L$ and there are many great nails to get ladies !! Just showing you a few options.
The other Gatcha at [[A.R.C. + F.N.]] is filled with sexy tops with dirty texts on them :) Again each truy is 20 L$. I styled these tops with a pair of latex pants I fouind on Marketplace. They are by Eon and they are free. The strapped boots are also from Marketplace and they are by Blackburns and also free.
While I was on Marketplace I also found this great Mary Snowflake sweater in pink by Skin Flicks. The sexy jeans are by Earth Mart (they only come in pink for free) and the biker boots are again by Blackburns and they are colour change so you can adjust them to your outfits. All of it is free. And together it makes a lovely outfit for winter :)