Sunday, January 26, 2014

Take a stroll along Marketplace

Happy Sunday Readers!
Today I took a stroll along Marketplace and I found some awesome goodies for you. It's a bit of everything: hair, shoes, dresses, pants & tops, jackets and some jewellery.
So lets start with something green.
This first dress is by IKWE and it is a lovely green pencil scarf dress. It is free. And the great hair I am wearing is by Edelstore and you can find it on Marketplace for free too. The name of the hair is Melanie. The hair is edittable so I changed the colour in EDIT and got a darker colour to wear.
To wear with this lovely dress above I would suggest the great green Talyna pumps by Enkythings. The shoes are free and they are also available in YELLOW for free.
Then I got these cute dresses by 7FIVE. Everything at 7FIVE is 75 L$, so is this dress, which is called Lotus. You get a HUD with it so you can change the texture and colour. Take a close look at the picture to see how the alpha layer fits though.
Another store that has a cute dress with a colour change HUD is Iffyta. It is their Valentines gift and you can get it for just 1 L$. It comes with the colour change booties and the colour change jewellery! A great set you should not miss!
Over to Mirus Couture. They have this lovely light blue mesh dress for just 1 L$. I styled this dress with a lovely jewellery set by VIPs Creations, a lovely red and gold set, and with some awesome shoes in red by Quirks. The jewellery is free, the shoes are 1 L$.
The cute blue bag is by Icons of Style and it comes with a pose. This bag is also free.
The next dresses are by Soul! and you get a blue one and a purple one for just 1 L$. I am showing you the blue one with sun glasses my friend Nani from NS design has released. They come with a colour & texture change hud and they are 100 L$. And I am wearing a great bag with this outfit, which is by Kakia Design and it is free. You get a lipstick, a wallet and a make up set too!
And the lovely blue shoes are by DUH and you can find them on Marketplace for free.
I styled the purple dress by Soul! with  a beautiful necklace which is mood change. You touch it and you can select which mood you are in today! It is by Zyn and it is 1 L$.
The next 2 Valentine dresses are by Seven and you get 2 for 1 L$. I found some awesome boots by (R E D) to wear with these dresses for a very sexy look. The boots are free.
My last find is a blue leather jacket by Bliss Designs. There are shoes, a top and capri jeans included, but I would throw the shoes away and not even wear them. They are from the early days in Second life and there are much better shoes to find now. The outfit was free when I got it, but they are asking 50 L$ now. I had to adjust the jacket by hand, because there were gaps at the elbows and shoulders. It is a nice outfit, but I would not spend 50 L$ on it.