Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New PC

Hello readers!
My first blog on my new PC, a little awkward as I have no clue yet how it works.
So I hope this will be a nice blog entrance, if not I will blame my new PC :)
Let me start with the Winter Solstice hunt. This hunt runs till December 21st and there is a HINT & LINK page available, which is very helpful. THis lovely skin is the hunt gift you will find inside the round box with a black raven on it (the hunt item) at #18 Deluxe Body Factory. The skin is called Soraya.
And if you hop over to Baby Monkey and find the hunt box there you will get these elegant lovely booties!
Baby Monkey also has some awesome new group gifts! Joining the group is 250 L$ but they have weekends when joining is free. Let me show you what I got as group gifts there. A lovely Bambi dress in 2 colours, matching long Rio boots, lovely summer wedges in 2 colours, Besides the group gifts you can pick up the 12 Days to Christmas gifts for FREE. There is a little table with pink goody bags in the store and the Christmas gifts are in one of the free bags.
There are also a lot of Lucky chairs at Baby Monkey and I was so Lucky to get a fat pack of great tights, a lovely Carla dress and two all colours packs of booties (Carrie and Elsa).
The next stop for me was the Designer Circle. They are running their 70th round and this round runs till January 11th. You can find a lot of great bargains there, for example ythe lovely poses Icons of Style have there. These poses are called Clara poses and you get 5 poses and 5 mirrored ones for 55 L$.
B!asta also is a participant in the Designer Circle. They have these lovely balloon dresses at the Designer Circle, which are called Good times ahead. The dresses come in 5 great colours and they are 65 L$ each.