Thursday, January 16, 2014

I just love bargains

Morning Readers!
Today on my blog some more Designer Circle. Not only do they have great bargains, but they changed their store and it looks awesome! Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ so you wo'n't break the bank if you go shopping there! And on the bottom of my blog you will find the latest group gift by Gizza...
But let me start with the 71st round of the Designer Circle. This round runs till January 24th, so don't wait too long to go shopping!
I just fell for the lovely dresses Kanou has on offer at the Designer Circle. They are called Nicandra dresses and they are 80 L$ each. You can chose from 6 lovely colours and the great belt is included.
The lovely jewellery is the Maysoon set by Lazuri (NOT free, but colour change so you can adjust the set to all your outfits as you can see with the Kanou dresses).
The lovely skin & shape are by WoW skins Donna tan, cleavage option, make up #2. (NOT free)
The hair is by EMO-tions called Grace (NOT free)
 Then I found this great skirt & top & bra by E-clipse. They offer this set at the Designer Circle for 99 L$. The outfit is called Slash.
And these next dresses are by Mu-Shi Doll. They are just too good to miss ladies. Lovely sequin dresses in 4 great colours. They are 100 L$ each! You can find them at the Designer Circle.
This last gown is the latest group gift by Gizza. It is their Happy New Year dress and you can wear it as a pompon but you can also wear it as a sleek sexy dress. The elegant boots are included.